I am traveling internationally to see family back home. I will try to check the site and respond if I have the ability to but if I do not respond please understand I have not seen my family in 2 years and there has been two deaths in the family recently so I have an obligation to them first.

I will return in approximately 3 weeks at which time I will resume work on the project.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

NOTE: Due to problems with spamming all comments are held in moderation. As I will not be available to approve or reply to these comments as quickly as I normally do you may think your comment has not been posted but it most likely means I just have not seen it yet. I suggest you go to the IRC channel listed on the home page for help until further notice, my friends there will help you. :)

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  1. Hi Conti, I’m very sorry ‘couse I’m not able to understand what you wrote, could you explain me in simplier words what have i to do?

    My graphic card is intel 945GM Graphics Controller

    THANKS Cristian

  2. Hello

    I was able to install Snow Leopard on my Box. It is working great with audio. I used a Nvidia enabler. for my nvdia card. The system sees the card 9800 GTX and the memory + all the resolutions that it has to offer but I cannot change to 1280×1024. If I do that when I reboot it will default back to 1024×728. Can anybody help me with that


  3. Hello Conti.

    I have installed Windows 7 using fusion and it is working great!!

    OsX 10.5.8 Hackintosh

    • Fabio: Yes I have win7 on fusion 3 in 10.6.x and it works great as well.

      As far as your graphics issue a better method than the graphics enabler is to simply apply an EFI “graphics string” to your boot.plist manually. This may resolve your problem. Search google for the aquamac graphics string tutorial, as I recall it’s a fairly well written guide that should work for you even though it was originally written for 10.5.x I believe the same method applies to 10.6.x.

  4. Conti, is it safe to update to 10.6.2. Im now running vanilla kernel since I upgrade the processor in my machine to an E6600. Also, which virtualization tool do you recommend Parallels or Fusion. Thanks for all your help.

    • GR: I have not tested the 10.6.2 update since I have been away from home for 2 weeks. I did reply to another poster who asked the same question however here [link].

      I personally prefer vmware fusion btw. My reasoning is I have worked with vmware products for a number of years in both linux and OS X and I have found them to be a very reliable and stable solution. Parallels 5 beta has slightly better graphics performance than fusion atm (in windows only) but it is not as stable and does not have as much linux support, at least from what I saw when I tested it that was my personal experience…

  5. Conti, Thank you for your work and I’m very regret for your family.

    Could you please help me? I’m installing Snow Leopard on my Dell inspiron 6400, I boot it with my external HD plugged and the install process starts. I can see the Snow Leopard logo and the “MyHack” logo, then the screen goes black. What can I do? What have I made wrong?


    • Cristian: What graphics card is in your system? The problem you described is common with a number of graphics cards that do not support VESA operation. Refer to the “Important Information” section of the installer guide – subsection 2):

      2) Some graphics hardware fails to function in VESA mode. However, instead of a kernel panic you will simply see a blank screen. If this happens to you – you will have to use a valid gfx string in /Extra/ or a graphics enabler/injector that works for your system. As of myHack Installer 1.0 RC3 a GraphicsEnabler option has been added to the customize options. It will overwrite the default option with the GraphicsEnabler = Y string. This will enable graphics acceleration on most Nvidia Graphics Cards & a few ATI Graphics Cards. NOTE: If the graphics enabler option does not work at first try entering -pci1 in the chameleon boot prompt.

  6. I really apriciate your work. RESPECT TO YOU
    With Empire Efi and myHack it’ s so easy ;-)

    Just donated right now some bucks via Paypal

    … enjoy your family and holidays

    • Thank you for your support Marley, I am happy to see another satisfied user :-)

  7. Hey Man,

    First off all sorry for your loss.
    Second have a nice vacation and enjoy… and remember there is nothing more important than family!

    Niels out..

    • beukhof1: Thank you, it has been very nice to see my family so far and introducing my mother to her grandson for the first time was priceless :)

  8. Thanks for the reply. The reason that i asked, is because I have a copy of windows 7, and Fusion 3, but when I tried to install windows 7, or any other operating sytem, I get kernel panic. Im using chocolate kernel, to be more specific Im using a emachine T5224 with a coryville 2 mobo with 4 gb of ram and the rest components to the system are pretty much stock. Is there a kext that i might need to run a VM? any help/guidance will be appreciate. thanks.

    • GR: VMware fusion 3 requires technologies like Intel VT [link] which will not be available on non-vanilla installs. You might be able to get vmware fusion 2 “working”…

  9. Enjoy your time off. Hopefully when you get back you can tell me if is possible to install windows 7 with VMWARE FUSION 3 on my hackintosh. Once again thanks.


    • GR: I can tell you right now, at home I have windows 7 ultimate (I got my key from a friend who has MSDN access) running under VMware Fusion 3 on my hackintosh. :)

      They really improved the graphics drivers in VMware Fusion with this release, even aero graphics works now. I haven’t tried any games yet though – no time.


  10. I’m sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in my thoughts. It’s good that you’re taking time out to be with them.