lspci Installer 1.0 Released

NOTE: You do not need this if you are using the myHack Installer.

This installer will install an x64 compatible Snow Leopard port of lspci. lspci is a popular UNIX utility that is used to display detailed information about the hardware devices in your system.

NOTE: This is for use with OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” ONLY – it is NOT compatible with previous versions of OS X.

To use type the following commands in a terminal:

For basic output type: lspci
For full list of advanced features type: lspci ?
To update the lspci hardware database type: update-pciids

Download myHack_lspci_Installer_1.0.mpkg.tar.bz2 here.

I was told that the original snow leopard port of lspci was done by the Evosx86 Team. My thanks go out to them for making this possible.

11 thoughts on “lspci Installer 1.0 Released

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  2. but this lspci porting is compatibile with original apple computers?
    P.s. Sorry for my bad english

  3. Is it possible to use this from the Snow Leopard install DVD?

    • @Will if you add it to the installation USB or DVD image, yes.

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  6. Where do I find the Ispci command after it’s been installed – I typed Ispci in terminal but it says command not found.


    • Jack: Type:

      ls /usr/bin | grep lspci

      If it has been installed correctly the output should look like this:

      myHack-Pro:~ Conti$ ls -l /usr/bin | grep lspci
      -rwxr-xr-x 1 root admin 70692 Aug 31 19:08 lspci
      myHack-Pro:~ Conti$

      If it does not output the line that says lspci it has not been installed correctly and you should re-run the installer, if it does output but the permissions differ you should correct the permissions. Other than that yes it should be as simple as running lspci from a terminal.

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