myHack Installer 1.0 RC4.1 Released

This version is now deprecated, consult the installer guide for a link to the latest version.

This is just a maintenance release and minor revision of RC4.

Read full documentation here.


v1.0 RC4.1:

  • -Updated PC EFI 10.4.1 to PC EFI 10.5
  • -Updated pfix v1.2 to pfix v2.1.1
  • -Made minor changes to “Read Me” section of installer for additional clarity.

v1.0 RC4:

  • -Added “Chocolate Kernel”* which allows OS X 10.6 to be run on legacy Intel, AMD** & i5 processors.
  • -myHack Installer package now copies itself to the / of an installation device automatically.
  • -Added Snow Leopard port of lspci.
  • -Added native 64bit Snow Leopard build of IOATAFamily.kext for functional PATA (IDE) support.
  • -Updated pfix v1.1 to pfix v1.2.
  • -Updated PC EFI 10.3 to PC EFI 10.4.1.
  • -Updated default to use EthernetBuiltIn=y.
  • -Refined and improved install scripts & the descriptions of each individual option.
  • -Important information regarding known issues embedded into installer “Read Me” section.

* For full release notes regarding the “Chocolate Kernel” please see the Downloads page.

** This kernel will run most AMD systems but it does not include on the fly CPUID patching so if you intend to use this on an AMD system you will need to obtain a third party tool to patch your binaries.

v1.0 RC3:

  • Bugfix: PC EFI 10.3 was not properly installing over the Chameleon boot file in previous versions.
  • Bugfix: OSInstall MBR MOD would sometimes not properly install when using RC2.
  • – OSInstall MBR MOD now checks for OSInstall.mpkg on target drive and is installed automatically.
  • – Graphics Enabler option added.
  • – Consolidated and simplified core options.

v1.0 RC2:

  • Bugfix: Added permissions enabling script to post-install. Details posted on the v1.0 RC2 release page.
  • – Integrated OSInstall.mpkg & OSInstall framework into a single option.
  • – Changed openhaltrestart.kext option to selected by default.
  • – Added pfix v1.1 to installer.
  • – Improved kext descriptions.

v1.0 RC1:


  • Chameleon 2.0 RC3.
  • PC EFI 10.3.
  • – Sample for basic operation.
  • – Snow Leopard inspired myHack Chameleon boot theme.
  • – All of the kexts listed on the Downloads page.
  • – A number of bugfixes and snow leopard specific enhancements to the Chameleon installation scripts.
  • – Detailed descriptions of each custom option.

166 thoughts on “myHack Installer 1.0 RC4.1 Released

  1. ขอบคุณมากครับ ขอรับไปทดลองดูนะครับ :)

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  3. Hi.
    Thanks for all this GREAT work Where can i download myHack_Installer_1.0_RC4.1_r55.mpkg ??¿
    I cant find it anywhere…

    • MRSFL: Download the latest version. You will find links on the downloads page ;)

  4. Oh I see … Anyway thanks for considering it … As for Kexts I got the updated KextUtility for SL x64 and it has worked fine thus far ..

    But I would take the advice of a pro over my own any day thanks ;)

  5. Thanks mate, can you send me my modified theme by you ? Would like to see what you have done to it, if it’s no trouble ?

    Also what tool would you recommend I use for installing Kexts ? Would like to know what you experts use or recommend ;)

    Will fix my post on my site to link to download page instead of direct link to file now … Sorry for that ;)

    Ch33rs !

    • Steve: I didn’t modify your theme, there is nothing from your theme in the current theme… I have the zip file with the theme you made (untouched) that you sent me but thats it…

      For installing kexts, I use a terminal or finder. cp or drag & drop kext to /E/E or /S/L/E then I run pfix. That is all that you need to do.


  6. Finally I fixed it, and it’s back to its usual self thanks to your pfix guide … Booted in command prompt only and did things …

    That was a close call !

    BTW I noticed u didn’t use the theme I created for Chameleon … Instead u created your own … I respect that but what wasn’t good about mine ?

    Thanks again !

    • Steve: I did like your theme but I received feedback from people that they prefer a darker more minimal theme – seems the majority of people don’t like too much color… No offense intended I did really appreciate the effort!

      I am really glad to hear you worked things out! “Know Thy Terminal” lol… Also a good lesson to point out here is the importance of not using things like “Kextutility” or “Mkextutility” or other similar iSuck-ware. Learn how to do things the right way! ;)