pfix v2.1.1 Released

This version is now deprecated, consult the downloads page for a link to the latest version.

This is a very minor revision from v2.1.



  • -Revised function to move CustomExtensions to Extensions to ensure smooth bug-free operation.
  • -pfix version now echoed to log file and terminal.


  • Bugfix: Corrected syntax error on kextcache command under Leopard.
  • Bugfix: Corrected minor error that could sometimes cause pfix.log to not be created.
  • -pfix.log now written to root [/] partition of the system it has been run on.
  • -Changed verbosity level of kextcache to 2 for additional useful information to be written to log.
  • -All kext caches are now removed prior to rebuilding.
  • -Minor alterations to output for additional clarity.


You may review the full v2.x release notes here.

14 thoughts on “pfix v2.1.1 Released

  1. How would I go about replacing fakesmc 2.0 and adding netkas new fakesmc 2.5?

    • kautmo: If you don’t already know the answer to that question I suggest you just wait for the next iteration of myHack installer which will be released sometime in the next week.

  2. Is there any manual to do pfix from myhack boot usb for rescueing / eliminating kext due boot lockups of installed system

    • realbabilu: No, actually I tried this the other day and realized I need to update the pfix code to allow it to function correctly when run from a read-only disk. I will include this in the next release of pfix.

  3. I have managed to resolve the “cannot locate chocolate_kernel” issue by manually copying the kernel to the destination drive :)

    My next question is – will i be able to install the 10.6.2 combo update without using any hacks?


    • danny: The next version of myHack will be updated to support 10.6.2. It would have been done sooner but I have been unable to work on the project in the last month due to travel and hard disc failure.

  4. Thanks so much for the installer!

    I have used myHack Installer 1.0 RC4.1 to prepare my usb install drive. The entire SL installation was smooth on my Intel Core i5 / MSI P55-CD53 / Nvidia GeForce 7300GT system, except at the end where I got the installation failed message.

    Following your instructions, I rebooted my computer to the USB drive. At the boot rpompt, I selected the SATA drive where S/L was installed and hit the Enter key. The following message showed up: “Can’t find chocolate_kernel”.

    That’s it. I am stuck at this stage and could not get S/L to load… Hope you can enlighten me on the path ahead :p


    • Dinesh: No problem, hope you work it out, if you get stuck again let me know.

  5. hi,
    Can you help me. I successfully installed snow with your magical tool “My hack installer”. Every thing is fine but unfortunately having three problems
    1. Sound is not working
    2. While i try to shut down it is restarting!!!!!
    3. While i click apple icon and try ti find out the version, the screen goes blank and refresh.
    Please help me, my sys conf is
    sony vaio VGN CR35
    Core 2 duo
    3 gb ram
    ati mobility raedion x2300 graphics
    intel pro 4965 AGN wifi ( also not working!!!)

    Thanks in advance
    Dr Dinesh

    • Dinesh: As it said in the post installation section (section 5) of my guide there is further fine-tuning that is required to get everything working. myHack Installer was designed to get you a ‘functional’ foundation quickly and easily on most hardware but there are a number of adjustments and ‘tweaks’ needed for each individual system – so many combination of hardware make it impossible to automate these adjustments effectively. You should start by patching your dsdt (search for fassl’s patcher on google or see the IRC channel I listed on the home page, it will generate a dsdt file for you to work with that you will then have to manually adjust further as needed). For sound you will have to search for your audio chipset/codec and use a dsdt patch/kext or something like voodooHDA to get work if supported by any of those methods. Wifi has been and continues to be an issue, same with ATI as I have stated numerous times on this website.

      Anyway good luck to you, as I said in the preface there is no ‘one click’ installation method unless you have hardware that is 100% supported OOB (like a real mac…). Hop on IRC, search around on google and various forums and be persistent and you will succeed :)

      PS: Please post questions like these on the myHack Installer release page in the future, this isn’t really relevant to the pfix utility. Thanks.

  6. Hi,..
    Great great job……, fantastic work… i wont get any words to appreciate you
    Dr dinesh

  7. Hi,

    Great Job, now I dont have to write it :-). A question however, or better a request. Please add first an output line with the version/release number. This way we now earlier what version we got running, instead of when we actually start the real job.

    Running pfix v2.1.1 on /Volumes/default_part
    Writing logfile to /pfix.log
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on

    instead of

    Running pfix v2.1.1 on /Volumes/ChimeraClone

    You never know when there is a problem and can bail out early using cntl-c

    Thank you very much

    • Lord Anubis:

      I will include this suggestion in my next revision. Thank you for the feedback!