pfix v2.1 Released

This version is now deprecated, consult the downloads page for a link to the latest version.

This is just a minor revision and bugfix to 2.0. A couple of bugs were introduced in 2.0 due to my hastily rushing the release out before properly beta testing it. My apologies to anyone who was effected by them.

You may review the full v2.x release notes here.

Changes from v2.0:

  • Bugfix: Corrected syntax error on kextcache command under Leopard.
  • Bugfix: Corrected minor error that could sometimes cause pfix.log to not be created.
  • -pfix.log now written to root [/] partition of the system it has been run on.
  • -Changed verbosity level of kextcache to 2 for additional useful information to be written to log.
  • -All kext caches are now removed prior to rebuilding.
  • -Minor alterations to output for additional clarity.

Special thanks to arya & Azimutz for their valuable feedback in debugging this version.

4 thoughts on “pfix v2.1 Released

  1. Well aside from what I had mentioned in response to your original post (that it is good for it to be specified because it makes it easier for people to see what is happening and trim it to be only one arch to speed up your boot process once you have settled on an arch) I also have a simple philosophy.

    If it isn’t broken don’t fix it.

    I knew the previous syntax was working so I wasn’t going to risk breaking something…

    Anyway, thanks for the info!

  2. Conti, you did good in keeping the arch options on the script.. it’s what “makes it tick” for Leo! If no arch is specified Leo creates a “nonsegreated format 1 mkext”.. specifying arch makes it create a “multi-architecture” mkext (segregated by architecture). Snow segregates supported archs by default (i386/x86_64), even when using -mkext1.
    So, it wasn’t the “bootloader’s” fault as i figured, the mkexts created on Leo for Snow not loading properly.. specifying arch on Leo is “certainly” needed (in this case, of course)! I just forgot to boot that last mkext i created with -m while testing :P unpacked, saw the two archs but, something distracted me…
    Sorry for the mess.. it did surprised me i didn’t made one :D

    p.s.: technical jargon by Apple on kextcache/mkextunpack man pages.
    aah.. can you please correct my post on 2.0 page? Thanks

  3. I used this version and every other file you recommend for installation. I added all of the necessary kexts into the extra file. However, when I started the installation process I reach the Install OS X screen and when it tries to find volumes to install on it crashes. I’ve tried everything.

    I installed from a PPC G4 powerbook with leopard, if that makes a difference. I also checked my bios to make sure I’m set at AHCI. Any ideas?

    • dmill2010: I’m as lost as you unless you provide me with some additional information. What hardware are you attempting to install Snow Leopard on? What kexts are you using? Are you using any from outside of the myHack Installer? Where are they located? etc… I’d suggest you just hop on IRC and state what I’ve just mentioned above along with your symptoms and I’m sure someone will help you if I am not available myself.