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2009/11/30 Update:

I was unable to recover about 500GB of data but I had a recent backup of all the really critical information that was contained on it. I have shuffled the data around and replaced several hard drives – everything is back to normal and running smoothly once again.

Original Post:

When I returned home I was greeted by a failed hard drive. While I believe all critical information contained on it was adequately backed up and the drive is still covered by the manufacturers warranty, the bad news is it is it will require me to take this server offline to reconfigure the hardware, attempt data recovery & restore backups.

I will attempt to minimize the downtime but I am not sure how long this is going to take as there are several terabytes of data involved. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

7 thoughts on “Important Announcement

  1. Dario hello!
    sorry for my English help of google translator.

    With the latest update 10.6.3 kernel panic using Pfix 3.
    the problem is IOusbFamily.kext.
    when starting effort cache ignore all corect.
    to solve this non-use and install pfix3 iousbfamily.kext with ketsHelper.

    this is correct? happens to someone else? pfix3 is a bug in 10.6.3?

    • Dario: Sounds like you just had a bad iousbfamily.kext – this is not a problem with pfix or OS X 10.6.3 – just the iousbfamily.kext on your system wasn’t happy with your hardware so it needed to be replaced.

  2. I tried 1.0_r84 on an EeePC 900 just to see how far it would go. I got to:

    EBIOS read error: Device timeout
    Block 0x23a848 Sectors 0

    And on my target machine (Core2 Duo / DG45ID) , I still have the UHCI/EHCI errors regardless of which USB port I’m using. Do you have any other tests you’d like me to run? Thanks, N.

    • Nuvie: Well this is clearly a problem with your USB/Bios and I’m not quite sure what else to try… I suggest you search the web and look for other netbook users who may have run into this problem as they may have a solution for you.

  3. Man I am glad that you were able to recover your data. You are doing a fantascic job. I was able to install snow leopard without any issues and sound is working great!!.

    If you could help with setting up a 9800gtx 512 mb I would have the perfect system. any suggestions?

    • Fabio: I am using a 9800GTX+ 512mb myself, used gfx string method previously but on my latest install I got lazy and just used the GraphicsEnabler option lol… I benchmarked the performance to compare and it appears to be equal to the gfx string method so I think I’ll just use the lazy method for now – you should do the same ;)

  4. Great to here! Your tools and packages have been indispensable. I’m grinding through my own build with an ASUS P7P55D EVO board along with an ati 4770. It has not gone well lol.

    Good news is i’m posting from it though!

    Good luck with your recovery. I’ll be visiting regularly im sure.