myHack Installer 1.0 RC5.1 Released

This version is now deprecated, consult the installer guide for a link to the latest version.

This is a maintenance release and minor revision of RC5. I’ve continued to focus on simplification of the core installer and expanding support to as many systems as possible while reducing the potential for user error by improving documentation.

Read full documentation here.


v1.0 RC5.1:

  • -Updated pfix v2.3 to pfix v2.4
  • -Removed VoodooHDA.kext (Caused kernel panics for too many users).
  • -Removed PlatformUUID.kext (no longer required).
  • -Improved post-installation scripts to significantly reduce execution time.

v1.0 RC5:

  • -Updated PC EFI 10.5 to Chameleon RC4
  • -Updated pfix v2.1.1 to pfix v2.3
  • -Created new “GraphicsDisabler” feature.*
  • -Added voodooHDA.kext to provide limited audio support for a variety of audio hardware.
  • -Added custom IONetworkingFamily.kext to provide support for additional networking hardware.
  • Bugfix: New IOATAFamily.kext which now works correctly on a wider variety of hardware.**
  • Bugfix: New SleepEnabler.kext which is compatible with OS X 10.6.0-10.6.3.***
  • -Replaced OpenHaltRestart.kext with EvOreboot.kext.
  • -Revised bundled kernel extensions. ****
  • -Revised “Read Me” section of installer in hopes that people will no longer make a very critical mistake.
  • -Improved boot theme to give a fresh and more visually appealing appearance.
  • -Made a significant number of alterations to internal installer coding and installation scripts.

* This function will provide true VESA functionality to virtually ALL graphics hardware, including the hardware which failed to function in VESA mode with the old Framebufferdisabler.kext.

** This new IOATAFamily.kext includes new builds of AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext, IOATABlockStorage.kext & IOATAPIProtocolTransport.kext embedded as plug-ins inside of it, they are no longer required separately. It has been compiled from 10.6.2 source and also prevents a kernel panic that was encountered previously on some hardware. IMPORTANT NOTE: We have tested this with 10.6.3 beta and determined that it DOES NOT WORK and will in fact likely cause a kernel panic. If you require this extension due to a lack of SATA+AHCI do not upgrade to 10.6.3 until a solution is discovered.

*** This SleepEnabler.kext should be compatible with future versions of OS X as well. The previous Sleepenabler.kext included with earlier versions of myHack Installer causes a kernel panic if not removed prior to booting after a 10.6.2 update.

**** Removed the following kernel extensions: AHCIPortInjector.kext, AppleUpstreamUserClientDisabler.kext, AttansicL1eEthernet.kext, FramebufferDisabler.kext, IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext, JMicronATA.kext, LegacyJMB36xSATA.kext, & SKGE.kext.

Replaced the following kernel extensions with newer versions: AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext, IOATAFamily.kext, OpenHaltRestart.kext, Sleepenabler.kext.

Renamed: LegacyAppleRTC_32bit_Only.kext to LegacyAppleRTC.kext (32bit limitation is well documented I don’t think it needs to be in the name anymore).

v1.0 RC4.1:

  • -Updated PC EFI 10.4.1 to PC EFI 10.5
  • -Updated pfix v1.2 to pfix v2.1.1
  • -Made minor changes to “Read Me” section of installer for additional clarity.

v1.0 RC4:

  • -Added “Chocolate Kernel”* which allows OS X 10.6 to be run on legacy Intel, AMD** & i5 processors.
  • -myHack Installer package now copies itself to the / of an installation device automatically.
  • -Added Snow Leopard port of lspci.
  • -Added native 64bit Snow Leopard build of IOATAFamily.kext for functional PATA (IDE) support.
  • -Updated pfix v1.1 to pfix v1.2.
  • -Updated PC EFI 10.3 to PC EFI 10.4.1.
  • -Updated default to use EthernetBuiltIn=y.
  • -Refined and improved install scripts & the descriptions of each individual option.
  • -Important information regarding known issues embedded into installer “Read Me” section.

* For full release notes regarding the “Chocolate Kernel” please see the Downloads page.

** This kernel will run most AMD systems but it does not include on the fly CPUID patching so if you intend to use this on an AMD system you will need to obtain a third party tool to patch your binaries.

v1.0 RC3:

  • Bugfix: PC EFI 10.3 was not properly installing over the Chameleon boot file in previous versions.
  • Bugfix: OSInstall MBR MOD would sometimes not properly install when using RC2.
  • – OSInstall MBR MOD now checks for OSInstall.mpkg on target drive and is installed automatically.
  • – Graphics Enabler option added.
  • – Consolidated and simplified core options.

v1.0 RC2:

  • Bugfix: Added permissions enabling script to post-install. Details posted on the v1.0 RC2 release page.
  • – Integrated OSInstall.mpkg & OSInstall framework into a single option.
  • – Changed openhaltrestart.kext option to selected by default.
  • – Added pfix v1.1 to installer.
  • – Improved kext descriptions.

v1.0 RC1:


  • Chameleon 2.0 RC3.
  • PC EFI 10.3.
  • – Sample for basic operation.
  • – Snow Leopard inspired myHack Chameleon boot theme.
  • – All of the kexts listed on the Downloads page.
  • – A number of bugfixes and snow leopard specific enhancements to the Chameleon installation scripts.
  • – Detailed descriptions of each custom option.

13 thoughts on “myHack Installer 1.0 RC5.1 Released

  1. Yo Conti,

    Thanks for all that but did yo understand my issue ? Like what is happening ? And did u get my permissions I pasted ? I want “Everyone” and “Staff” usergroups to have read/write permissions by default !

    Can you tell me how to do that ?

    • Steve: I told you exactly what is happening and how to fix it.

  2. There ya go :

    Last login: Thu Feb 11 01:57:20 on console
    TechXeros-MacBook-Pro:~ techxero$ ls -l
    total 8
    drwx——+ 11 techxero staff 374 Feb 11 02:24 Desktop
    drwx——+ 14 techxero staff 476 Feb 11 02:24 Documents
    drwx——+ 8 techxero staff 272 Feb 10 00:17 Downloads
    drwx——+ 36 techxero staff 1224 Feb 11 01:11 Library
    drwx——+ 3 techxero staff 102 Feb 9 21:58 Movies
    drwx——+ 5 techxero staff 170 Feb 10 00:06 Music
    drwx——+ 55 techxero staff 1870 Feb 10 01:03 Pictures
    drwxr-xr-x+ 5 techxero staff 170 Feb 9 21:58 Public
    lrwxr-xr-x 1 root staff 58 Feb 9 22:00 Send Registration -> /Users/techxero/Library/Assistants/Send Registration.setup
    drwxr-xr-x+ 5 techxero staff 170 Feb 9 21:58 Sites

    P.S : Can you tell me how to correct the permissions using chown & chmod commands ? What is the exact syntax ?

  3. Ok Conti :

    Well my user “TechXero” has read write permissions, as for “Everyone” and “Staff” usergroups have read only permissions.

    The thing I want is to set “Everyone” and “Staff” usergroups to have read/write permissions by default. Is that possible ?

    Thanks !

  4. BTW mate do I have to do a fresh install of SL with RC5.2 or can I just install it updating the current RC5.1 ?

  5. You know when yo do the get info on a file there’s this small lock that disables any future changes, even though it’s locked meaning no changes can be made to permissions without my password well I can still edit permissions.

    And I have used the newest Pfix 2.6 still he same issue remains. After zipping the theme I created then send it to Repo owner he just can’t release the zip file coz he has to manually set “Everyone” group to Read/Write … In order to be able to edit image names or to release …

    I had that issue ever since the issue I suffered from a few weeks back … I am just getting so frustrated :(

    What to do ?

    • Steve: Why are you even looking at the get info screen? Open a terminal – run ls -l

      Who owns the files? What are the permissions of the files?

      Then simply correct the permissions using chown & chmod commands.

      This is standard *nix stuff – don’t rely on the GUI when you have a terminal at your fingertips.

      As far as RC5.2 question – yes just install it over the RC5.1.

  6. Yo Conti :

    Sorry posted it twice in wrong place (apologies) !

    I recently did a clean install of SL, using myHack 1.0 RC5.1 but I am having permission issues. Like in the Get info box I see I am only one with read/write all the rest are read only. I can even change permissions though it’s locked, you know the small lock that disables any changes …

    I am concerned coz I use this “HACK” to create iPhone themes and the repo owner keeps complaining that received files have permission issues meaning he has to manually edit them before submitting and it’s getting on his nerves as I submit close to 5 themes/day …

    Any way I can fix that ?

    • Steve: I’m not sure I quite understand you, I don’t really focus on GUI details when it comes to permissions I go to the termal and do a trusty ls -l
      Might be related to the small bug I introduced in RC5.1/pfix2.4… Try the more recent versions in RC5.2 and see if that fixes the problem. If not give me more specific details.

  7. Conti: I just checked around for people that successfully installed SL on the A0751H model and it seems that they are not able to boot into the OS. They all have a hang during boot. Is there any other 11″ netbook that supports SL?

    It may be easier for me to sell the A0751H and get a supported one. :-) I would love the challenge to get it working but if the hardware is not supported, then it would make sense to buy a more friendly hardware. Thoughts?

  8. Conti,

    I just tried the installer on an Acer On A0751H (Specs here: and it hangs during initial boot processes.

    I am pretty sure that something in the hardware is causing problems. I am inclining that it is related to a SATA conflict (lack of AHCI maybe?) based on some findings on different forums.

    With the resolution on a 11″ screen… it just makes it a good candidate for a Mac Netbook on a budget.


    • Joed: If you have no AHCI your option would be the IOATAFamily.kext – select it during install or grab it on downloads page and install it manually. The thing I have to mention though is these non-ahci hacks we are using are becoming increasingly unreliable and we are not sure how ‘future proof’ they are.