pfix v2.6 Released

This version is now deprecated, consult the downloads page for a link to the latest version.

This release adds two very nice new features to pfix.



  • – Added feature which displays numbered menu instead of requiring user to type in volume manually.
  • – User is now prompted for password (if not already authorized with sudo) prior to script execution.


  • Bugfix: Corrected kextd test, if pfix is targeting a mounted volume and not the root [/] partition system caches will be rebuilt with kextcache.


  • – When running under OS X 10.6.x pfix now tests to see if kextd is running, if so it touches /S/L/E instead of rebuilding system caches with kextcache. This significantly reduces execution time.
  • – Repairing permissions with diskutil is now optional.
  • – Minor improvements to terminal output.


  • -If target is a mounted volume execute command to enable permissions on the volume prior to running pfix.


  • -A number of alterations/additions were made to enable proper functionality of pfix when it is launched from a USB Installer or Installation DVD.
  • -Log file is no longer written to disk, the log is displayed directly in the terminal window instead. This better informs the end user of what is happening and also prevents any errors from occurring if it is launched from a read-only location such as a USB Installer or Installation DVD.
  • -Improvements made to visual appearance of log.
  • -pfix version info now displayed in terminal before running any operations.


  • -Revised function to move CustomExtensions to Extensions to ensure smooth bug-free operation.
  • -pfix version now echoed to log file and terminal.


  • Bugfix: Corrected syntax error on kextcache command under Leopard.
  • Bugfix: Corrected minor error that could sometimes cause pfix.log to not be created.
  • -pfix.log now written to root [/] partition of the system it has been run on.
  • -Changed verbosity level of kextcache to 2 for additional useful information to be written to log.
  • -All kext caches are now removed prior to rebuilding.
  • -Minor alterations to output for additional clarity.


You may review the full v2.x release notes here.

11 thoughts on “pfix v2.6 Released

  1. I am succesfully running a slightly oder version of myHack with SL 10.6.2. So this leads me to ask the following 2 questions:

    1) In order to update to 10.6.3 presumably I would be wise to update to myHack Final 1.0?

    2) How do update to the myHack Final 1.0 without reinstalling SL? (I’ve looked but I can’t see any mention of how to actually upgade myHack versions to the latest. Is there a guide or link please?)

    • ceedeeeee:

      1) Yes

      2) Simply run the myHack 1.0 Final installer and it will backup your old configuration to a backup directory and write all the new files as needed. There are no special instructions – there is a script inside of myHack that handles the uninstallation/reinstallation process over older versions of the software.

  2. I will give it a go later tonight, but just to be on the same page, VoodooHDA never gave me any KPs from /E/E, it just fails to load when kext caches are not properly generated, and it works like a charm 100% of the time with 2.3, but not with 2.6.

    • Silencer: I’ve heard some reports which seem to suggest some sort of problem with kextd with v2.6 – it is very inconsistent and is only a problem for a FEW end users ALL OF WHICH thus far were running Pentium-D systems with the chocolate kernel btw… I tried to completely screw both my /S/L/E & /E/E but after re-running pfix everything was golden again – so nothing I’ve tried has been able to reproduce the error. However, THAT error should be limited to the kextd touch command that is being issued to rebuild the system kextcaches for /S/L/E – /E/E should not have any problems since there are no changes to the code for /E/E and the kextcache is still being regenerated manually *unless* the kextd problem is somehow also causing an issue with the manually generated mkext in /E/E somehow.

      I think the reduced script execution time isn’t worth these potential problems, even if they only cause problems for < 5% of end users.

      Please try pfix 2.7 (I’ve just now released it) and let me know if the problem persists… Thanks Silencer.

  3. I keep my /S/L/E 100% vanilla, so VoodooHDA is actually in /Extra/Extensions, and it definitely didn’t work after running 2.6. I think PS2 kexts also failed to load, but can’t confirm that 100% at the moment. I’m not exactly sure how kext caches work, but could it be that VoodooHDA has dependencies in /S/L/E which are not properly regenerated for both architectures with kextd touch?

    Hope this helps, thanks for the great tool, it’s been a great help! If you need any additional testing, drop me an email, I’ll be glad to help.

    • Silencer: That is a known problem with running VoodooHDA.kext from /E/E – not all kexts can load properly without a kernel panic from there because they will not be able to properly access some dependencies. Move it to /S/L/E run pfix again and let me know if it works.

  4. Well, I’ve tried again with v2.3, and it also reports .mkext is generated only for x86_64, but loading in i386 works fine after I use v2.3 and with v2.6 some kexts like VoodooHDA are not loaded properly.

    Also, I would like to suggest to add command line options for partition select, permissions enabling or disabling, and also forcing /S/L/E mkext generation instead of kextd option. This would allow to run a single terminal command and leave it without making additional selections.

    • Silencer: pfix2.6 does generate both x86_64 and i386 kextcaches. Where is your VoodooHDA.kext located? Is it in /S/L/E? If so the kextd touch might be failing to rebuild the system cache with both architectures and default to only the running arch. (That is the only functional difference between 2.3 and 2.6). It would be helpful if you could confirm this. I appreciate the feedback, I will also be incorporating some of the CLI parameters you mentioned in future versions of pfix.

  5. pfix v2.6 only generates x86_64 version of /Extra/Extensions.mkext, and no i386 version.

  6. Is it compatible with netbook installer since the kexts custom folder is different with myhack. i use netbook installer on my netbook, and myhack on desktop.

    • realbabilu: I’ve not used “netbook installer” but if it is not using /Extra/Extensions or /System/Library/Extensions it should be… These are the ‘standards’ and what pfix will target.