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I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I’m not too happy about it myself but I guess that is the price I have to pay for the clean, reliable power I have been receiving.

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  1. Stil not getting resolution changing, but doesn’t matter. hopefully my 3D accelaration is working at 1680×1050.
    PS nice theme for iWeb u have. Where i cand get/mod one?

  2. Hi,

    I built a hackintosh with your myHack and was up and running in no time. One problem though, I have no audio. My mother board is X58A-UD3R with RealTek ALC 889HD Audio.

    Is there anything to install to fix this ?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated !


    • Tony: Use a dsdt patch, I have posted the instructions and the dummy kext in comments on some page around here somewhere… I’d search for it myself but I have little time atm.

  3. I have booted and installed snow leopard installer succesful.. but when i want to boot my internal drive.. it says “cant find chocolate_driver”?

    i can boot the installer… but not boot my internal drive!
    Plz help

    • Dardan: Use the terminal from the USB Installer to copy chocolate_kernel to destination partition… Example:

      cp /chocolate_kernel /Volumes/internal_target_partition/chocolate_kernel

  4. Excuse me…

    I am wondering why, up to now that, no one has complained about the actual lack of a tutorial (from USB setup thru post installation) in you “Guides” section?!

    You cannot possibly call “short sentences” a Guide, when you don’t take into consideration that this webpage won’t be accessed from Google, by someone planning to purchase items from your Store & Hackintosh the system…only to become stuck at short sentences like: “Remove the USB drive and Retail DVD”!

    Even if you have to “copy-n-paste” some other Hackintosh tutorial/images from another site and interject with your own would prove to be some comfort that mistakes could be kept at a minimum.

    Please remember that we live in a Global society and webpages like this, are not always accessed by “Geeks” or A+ technicians, and to forego “step-by-step” instructions because you expect members too be at the same scientific “level”…is no better than the attitude displayed by the Mac “Fanboys” of Stevie Jobs~!

    Thank you for offering the global community this “Installer” package!

    • Mike: While I have endeavored to make this as simple and useful as possible it is a significant amount of work – which I have to balance against my duities to work, my family, my wife and my children. I apologize if the instructions were not easy enough for you to follow. There are some user-contributed videos on youtube on how to install myHack, though the ones I’ve seen personally are a little out-dated. Unfortunately even if I created a gallery of images with step by step instructions on how to use myHack there would be a considerable amount of verbiage and instructions that can not simply be ‘shown’ visually.

  5. Thank you for responding to my questions so promptly. Another issue popped up after I sent my last comment. I noticed that I am able to send the PC to sleep, however I can not wake it up. So I have to apply a hard shut-down from the power button and restart. During my Google research, I remember coming accross this issue but now I can’t remember the solution (old age sucks!). I would appreciate your advice on this one.

    (Sager PC laptop, Inter Core 2 Duo 2.8, MyHack with 10.6.3 update installed on external USB HD, Windows 7 on internal HD, all working great).

    Best Regards

    • Munther: I would suggest you do some research into creating a proper dsdt for your system, you should be able to correct all of your sleep issues once you get a handle on it.

  6. Thank you for the wonderful guide “MyHack”. I spent over 2 weeks and no less than 150 hours applying hacks to install OSX on my Sager laptop and dual booting with Win7. I succeeded except that booting from the HD never worked, always had to boot from a CD. Following your “MyHack” worked and I just completed installing it on an external USB HD, updated to 10.6.3, the bootloader works fine giving me a choice to boot from OSX or Win7. The display adaper (Nvidia 9600M GT) works and I am using an external 23″ Asus monitor hooked to the laptop. But I have two issues which I am hoping you could help with:

    1. My WiFi is not detected. It is Intel Pro 5100. After Googling for an hour or so, I found out that there is no Kext developed yet to solve this issue. Is this a fact?

    2. Before installing ‘MyHack”, some of the Function Keys on the laptop were working such as the Volume. Now, none of the Fn keys are recognized. Would you please let me know which Kext I should install to address this issue?

    Again, thank you for the wonderful effort you have put in developing “Myhack”.

    • Munther: Thank you for the kind words I am glad myHack has helped you, to respond to your questions directly:
      1: Yes, there is no existing support for that wireless device afaik, you can replace it with a mini pci/e wireless device that is supported however.
      2: Try voodoops2 perhaps? otherwise I am not sure – keymapping is something I gave up on a long time ago, when I started using apple keyboards.

  7. Conti,

    I’m about to put together one of your recommended vanilla systems (Professional Build) with the exception of a core i7-930 instead of 920. What I’m wondering is what, if any, PCI/PCIe Wifi card you’d recommend as an “Airport” device for this hackintosh build.

    • Joe: I don’t use one myself so I’d rather not make a suggestion but there are a number of HCL’s and folks in IRC channels that use them – that is where I suggest you ask.

  8. Hi there, I have a problem with step Step 4 – First Boot

    It wont boot at all… just launches the installer again… can you help me please ?

    • Ivo: You should be able to press a key at the splash screen and get a list of devices to boot from, then simply select the drive you have installed OS X to.