Move completed… Site is back online!

All went well, fiber optic cable just got installed and is working great, apologies for the 48 hours of downtime but it should be smooth sailing from here.

I will have a 10.6.3 DVD compatible version of myHack released by the end of the week.


23 thoughts on “Move completed… Site is back online!

  1. Another simple build, excellent temps, restart, shutdown, sleep, idle sleep. Wakeup complains about ejecting with USB drives mounted before sleep.

    Gigabyte EP45-UD3P V1.6, (BIOS FE), ICH10, 8GB
    nVidia 9600GT (via Graphics Enable=y)
    Not using DSDT file, No CMOS resets
    Ethernet 2 x RT8111C/onboard (OOTB 10.6)
    ALC889A/ICH10HD (org.voodoo.driver.VoodooHDA 0.2.62)

    Note: volume level seems 50% to low with V0.2.6/0.2.62

    • Tim: Patching HDEF in a dsdt and using a LegacyHDA.kext (I could supply you with a few to try) in /E/E would give you crystal clear vanilla audio with ALC889A. I use it on two systems and it’s absolutely night and day difference in clarity and output volume compared to voodooHDA.

  2. Hi , thnx for your replay, this is the thing… when i use in a different partition X_Distro , the Nvidia 9500gt , works good, DVI and VGA , that partition is for experimenting, My other , my main system i install it in a IMAC 2.4ghz Intel, [10.6.4]all my progs, plugins, songs,porno, games etc… then i took that HD out of the imac, and place it in the Hackintosh, none of the available ”bootloaders” could make that system to boot, except for yours ”MyHack” 1.1 [Thx really !! ] everything works , progs, audio plug-ins, firewire, usb2, is really fast, but the DVI port is no good, i took some kext’s from X_Distro.iso 10.6.3, via Pacifist, because i did it with my wireless and it worked, so i thought that , the same theory could be applied to my Nvidia card, and i had no luck…perhapps i need an extencion or custom ”kext” for makeing the Video card in DVI and Dual monitors to work, and the IDE HD’s . and yes it is in the correct PCI root [ first one ,pci e 16x ], thnx sorry for my english and Best wishes !!

    • stein: I don’t think copying anything from a “Distro” is a good idea. I would suggest you simply remove GraphicsEnabler from your boot.plist and try NVEnabler.kext. If that still doesn’t work you may want to look into seeing if anyone else has this problem specifically in 10.6.4 – if so you may be able to revert some of the NV*.kext’s in /S/L/E to a 10.6.3 or 10.6.2 version that still works for your card.

  3. Ups i forgot to tell my video card is a Nvidia 9500gt ,the MOBO Gigabite x58aud3r/ i7 920 , thnx ! 10.6.4

  4. Hi , i use ”Myhack” for my HD to boot, it work’ed really good, the only thing is how can i have again my 2 monitors back , DVI port is not working, starts working, but when the apple screen finishes i got a black screen, VGA is ok… also all my IDE HD’s , are not there, thnx and best wishes !!

    • stein: Check that you have the correct PCI root… If that still doesn’t work let me know some additional information like, when was it working (what version of OS X 10.6 were you using, did you upgrade since then), etc…

  5. DELL VOSTRO 200 Slim (BIOS 1.0.16)

    ACHI worked OOTB for Cham-RC4/Halloween

    ACHI is inoperable for V1.0.1 and v1.1 — No idea why

    Thoughts anyone?

  6. v1.1 is excellent improvement! Sent some $coin$ in appreciation of the diligent effort…

    V1.0.1 – Shutdown did restart, temps warm/high @ idle, high fan speedup during shutdown phase of restart moderate fan speed @ idle.

    v1.1 – Shutdown is working OOTB, temps quite cool, fan(s) speed low/almost inaudible.

    DELL Vostro 200s (Slim)
    Foxconn G33M02 ICH9, Intel C2D 2.2Ghz
    nVidia 9500GT L/P (via Graphics Enable=y)
    Not using DSDT file, No CMOS reset
    Ethernet 82562V-2 (com.katharsys.driver.IntelE1000e 1.1.2)
    ALC888/82801I/ICH9 HD (org.voodoo.driver.VoodooHDA 0.2.6)

  7. Hey looking forward to it. When will it be released..

  8. Awesome hack! keep on the good work. Waiting for the 10.6.3 retail compatible version!

  9. OT: I have no idea where is that “correct” place for that “dummies” questions. Maybe you can help me.
    I’m looking for a solution how to extend my desktop workspace on a single monitor. Spaces is not what I need. I need just one desktop with resolution e.g. 2560 x 1600 on my MBP’s 1490×1050 screen. It’s like a base X11/Xorg feature, enlarging desktop workspace with scrolling by mouse cursor. Is it possible to use something like that on Mac?

    • Alex Butin: I have used the feature you are referring to on linux, I am uncertain if there is any way to achieve this on OS X, I have never seen it done… There may be a third party tool to do it otherwise you are stuck using spaces like the rest of us unfortunately.

  10. Hi, I really look forward to the 10.6.3 DVD myhack version.
    I hope you put it online soon, so i can download it and make my sl 10.6.3 dvd installation work.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Thanx for all your hard work. The rest of the world deeply appreciates the time and effort you are putting into myHack!

    “…10.6.3 DVD compatible version of myHack…”

    OOH, Can’t Wait !!! , but take your time to perfect it, no need to rush :)


  12. Any updates on the progress of how your new version is coming out? I lost my 10.5.x install of Leopard and at the same time lost my Xcode. Luckily I always backup my projects so I still have those handy, but now I can’t get Xcode back. Apple requires Snow Leopard for their latest version of Xcode. I have looked on their site to download an older version, but it gives me some error when I try to download and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else. I have the Snow Leopard 10.6.3 DVD but I can’t do anything with it yet :-(

    • Ivan: I must apologize for the delay I had a lot of very annoying problems come up in my personal life recently and it has caused the delay of my work on the project, I intend to get this done ASAP. Thank you for your patience.

  13. Fantastic!
    Looking forward to it, thanks for all the hard work.
    Makes installing OSX so much easier :)
    AND I’ve learnt a lot
    Just want to know, what are the possible implications of using the current version (1.0.1) with 10.6.3?
    And can you install a newer version of myHack over a previous one?
    It seems to be working so far, but only time will tell I guess.


    • Michael: The 10.6.3 Combo Update will work fine with myHack method if you are using a 10.6.0 “Retail DVD” for your initial restoration to the USB Installer. The 10.6.3 “Retail DVD” is not yet supported but I intend to fix this soon.

      Yes you can install a newer version of myHack over a previous one without any problems.

  14. Great!
    Congratulations for your website and the successful move.
    The current Myhack version works fine with 10.6.3. Why a DVD?
    USB instalation made my life better!


    • Sergio: The comment relates ONLY to the 10.6.3 “Retail DVD” which has been sold by apple recently. The 10.6 “Retail DVD” still works fine, even with the 10.6.3 combo update – post installation. However people buying new retail DVD’s now are receiving the 10.6.3 versions which is where the problem occurs.

  15. “10.6.3 DVD compatible version of myHack”

    oOoh! Exciting stuff! As always, I eagerly await the next version! Glad the install was a success!