pfix v3.1 Released

This version is now deprecated, consult the downloads page for a link to the latest version.

This release corrects a minor bug that was reported by several users when pfix was run under OS X 10.5.x “Leopard”. I took the opportunity to clean up a few other things while I was at it.



  • -Corrected minor syntax errors for correct operation of pfix under OS X 10.5.x “Leopard”.*
  • -Improved syntax usage to adhere to expected syntax and ensure error free operation in the future.
  • -Corrected minor typo and altered some of the displayed information for clarity.


You may review the full v3.x release notes here.

* When pfix 3.0 was run under OS X 10.5 “Leopard” it was reported to display an “kextcache: illegal option — q” error. Apparently the -q “quiet” option either does not function correctly or is not available on the previous version of kextcache that is available under Leopard. As a result completely quiet operation has been disabled when pfix 3.1 is running under 10.5, it will simply use -v 0 (lowest verbose mode) instead. If you desire a different level of verbosity use the -v # flag as described in the pfix –help output. (# being any number between 0 and 6 as described in the man page for kextcache).

17 thoughts on “pfix v3.1 Released

    • @raid-recovery: It will probably need to be updated for lion, I haven’t had a chance to test yet.

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  4. HI, i like your pfix all in one util.However the permissions fix on my snow leopard 10.6.4 just does not work. I have to use disk utility to re-repair its work! But i am grateful your concept is so useful, just not applicable in my case.
    May i know how to uninstall pfix ?
    Thank you

    • gweeyc: works on 10.6.4 here, I should also mention that running pfix on / volume will automatically run the disk util repair permissions while it’s running…

  5. Conti:

    Pfix 3.1 works perfectly on official Snow Leopard Server 64-bit vf10.6.4 running on a MacMini.
    Thanks for your support!


  6. Conti:

    Does pfix 3.1 work with 64-bit systems such as Snow Leopard Server? I have been using pfix for a while now on my Snow Leopard hack running 32-bit but when I tried to run v3.0 on the Snow Leopard Server (original software running on a MacMini) it stalled.
    I appreciate your attention to this small question

    • Nash: pfix works great on both 32bit and 64bit systems, however, i have never personally tested it on a server version of OS X so I can’t say for sure if this was just a random glitch you had or an incompatibility with the server version of snow leopard. Although I have heard from others that they used it on snow leopard server and that it appeared to work fine for them.

  7. Does the Pfix 3.1 utility work under 64-bit operating systemns such as Snow leopard Server 10.6.4? I use it constantly under Snow Leopard 10.6.4 32-bit and it’s a great utility. Thank you for taking the time and preparing it for the general use.

    • Nash: Yes pfix supports both 32bit and 64bit environments.

  8. Hi There! Love your website! im a newbie, and not so good with english…so i have no luck, but ill try to get my notebook dell 1340 working, have snow leopard workin but no sound, no touchpad, no keyboard! i tried installing pfix, but i couldnt. maybe you could give me some help, i tried with different boot, my hack its easier and no hangs on it!.
    but i cant make things work like sound, touchpad, and keyboard. Thanks mates! hope you can help me with thissssss!


    • hernan: pfix is installed with myHack. For touchpad and keyboard you will likely need to install the ps2 kexts, or use voodoops2. For sound, try voodooHDA or a dsdt fix (if you search the site you will find references to the dsdt fix but it only applies to a few audio chipsets) if voodooHDA doesn’t work, that won’t work either and you will need to most likely purchase a USB audio adapter.

  9. Hey Conti,

    Good to have you back ! and thanks for fixing this issue we discussed over IRC.