Sorry for downtime.

Logged in this morning to find the site down, the virtual hard disk (simfs) had run out of space on the VPS. There is also some possible corruption in the simfs but no data was lost. I freed up enough space to keep it going for now but it’s definitely another one of those indications that I need to save up some money and move to a dedicated server. I’m tired of having these little issues with system resources on the shared virtual server.

12 thoughts on “Sorry for downtime.

  1. Dont see a manual anywhere on this site. Searched through a ton of your entries… sorry to be a pest. Got a link or anything ?


  2. hey, still remember me? i was wondering how can i get in touch with you..
    i cannot login on either xchat or wtv all those jerk application! >:o

    • lindz89: Sorry I’ve been away for almost 3 months, feel free to reach me here (as I will be checking more regularly) or email me @ [email protected]

  3. Hey I had a question so by default Myhacks loads my osx partition how do i change the default to windows partition?

    Thanks and if i could change the time delay as well.

    • x34ww: I applied it on my own machine without any problems.

  4. Hi Conti,

    I am having trouble finding the kext to enable audio. I am on 10.6.0 with myHack Installer.


  5. Hey man, Pop me an email i have a dedicated server which i wouldn’t mind helping out with, just depends on the amount of disk space you need.


    • David: Thank you for the offer but I do not require any hosting at this time. I run my own dedicated server here in my office (I have a 100/100Mbps fiber optic connection).