Server Upgrade.

The traffic on this and other services hosted on this server has gotten to be a bit more than the current hardware can handle. As a result I will be performing hardware upgrades on the server over the next few days. It will be going from an AMD x2 5000+ w/ 4GB DDR2 800 to an AMD x6 1055T w/ 8GB DDR3 1333. This is a significant yet costly improvement. I will also be completely rewriting the OS powering these services from scratch to further improve performance (I compile linux from scratch rather than using a distro). I am making this post simply to inform myHack users to expect periodic downtime over the next few days while I make the transition. myHack 1.2 is in the works and will be released soon after this upgrade is completed.

Hello all.

I have been away from this project for the last 3 months. I apologize for this, however sometimes life gets complicated and investing my time on free projects such as this one must be put aside for a while.

I will be working on a new update to the myHack installer, including the bugfixes for the MBR mod compatibility with 10.6.0 & 10.6.3 DVD’s which I should have released months ago, over the coming weeks.

I will also do my best to get through these 500+ comments that have been waiting for my approval since the last time I logged in to manage this website.

Again, I apologize for this, but I am happy to see that myHack is still helping thousands of users despite these delays in my work on the project.