Hello all.

I have been away from this project for the last 3 months. I apologize for this, however sometimes life gets complicated and investing my time on free projects such as this one must be put aside for a while.

I will be working on a new update to the myHack installer, including the bugfixes for the MBR mod compatibility with 10.6.0 & 10.6.3 DVD’s which I should have released months ago, over the coming weeks.

I will also do my best to get through these 500+ comments that have been waiting for my approval since the last time I logged in to manage this website.

Again, I apologize for this, but I am happy to see that myHack is still helping thousands of users despite these delays in my work on the project.

7 thoughts on “Hello all.

  1. Welcome back and many thanks for working on this. I am trying to install it on my HP laptop but have run into some issues. Where would be a good place to find out more information and help unless you are able to help me out if I give you more on what trouble I am running into. Many thanks again for working hard on this project.

  2. Hi Conti,

    Great to have you back. You really helped out a hackintosh noob 6 months ago. Now thanks to you I have 4 stable hackintoshes 10.6.4 working. Even learnt to modify DSDT’s with P and C states. Your pfix has been invaluable.

    Thanks for your great work. My understanding of OSX, BSD, linux dual booting has improved immensely.


  3. Hey,

    I just wanted to say THANKS. I had been trying to get mac on my pc for month, then i found your website, bought snow lepard and bam, sucsses. I really apreciate it as i am a Graphics student and i really needed a Mac but i didnt have enough $. Thank Again.

    Peace :D


  4. Hello Conti,
    nice to hear you again!
    Using MyHack from the beginning , I’m very happy that the project is still “on air”.

    Thank you again for all your hard (and very professional) work :-)


  5. Thank you although the MyHack installer 1.1 is so fantastic it’s still working great for me! I really appreciate all the work you have put into it. Just another voice saying thanks..