Error in myFix 1.3 GUI

After some more testing and some feedback I received it has become apparent that the OS X Security Framework utilized in myFix 1.3 GUI *BREAKS* the function of myFix. It gives the user “Administrative” privileges but not true “root” user privileges therefore it basically fails to function properly.

I have already created a workaround but I have not yet had a chance to apply it to myFix. So until I am able to release myFix 1.4 I have pulled the GUI front end version of myFix 1.3 from the site.

The *Terminal Version* of myFix 1.3 works flawlessly – if you find yourself with a flawed system you can try booting with -f -v then running the terminal app. Or run the terminal app from a USB OS X Install Drive. If you can’t download it from here to your system you can find it in a target you ran myFix on if you selected “yes” at the prompt to install Terminal app at /usr/sbin/myfix – if you did not it will be inside

My apologies – I didn’t see this one coming… It didn’t effect me in tests running it on Snow/Lion so hopefully this hasn’t caused a problem for you either.

5 thoughts on “Error in myFix 1.3 GUI

  1. Hey man, myFix 1.3 works perfectly. But a Nice GUI would be great. (not that this is hard or anything) just for the idea. THX WORKS PERFECT!!! @ The Netherlands

    • You are welcome, and ya a GUI would be nice for some, I just haven’t had time to getting around to making one again… It’s on my todo “list” though.

  2. after running this, i had to go back into /extra/ and add the space i had between npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=Yes.

    other than that, myhack is the only solution that i have found virtually flawless (the flaws i think are my lack of mac knowledge). thanks for the great work.

  3. Hi Conti how are you hope fine :)

    WOW go ahead smart man i wait for next update to see everything goes light’n’right for Lion ROAR :)