myFix 1.2

This version is now deprecated, consult the downloads page for a link to the latest version.

This release is a bugfix for users who want to run myfix on legacy intel and OS X 10.5 systems that can only run i386 code. I sometimes forget that some people use i386 only kernels, such as legacy intel kernels used for first generation atom systems or core duo’s. Thus in my haste to get myFix released I compiled it as an x86_64 binary, which will run fine for anyone on a Snow Leopard or Lion vanilla kernel, but people on Leopard or legacy intel systems will get a “Bad CPU type in executable” error when they try to launch myFix. Additionally I noticed some bugs in my /Extra/Extensions.mkext generation for users running myFix under OS X 10.5 “Leopard” so I fixed those too.

Please make sure to review the release notes for myFix 1.1 and 1.0 for a complete explanation of features.

A complete list of the changes from myFix 1.1 are as follows:

  • -Compiled as i386 binary rather than x86_64 binary
  • -Corrected some syntax errors for users running myFix under OS X 10.5 “Leopard”
  • -Added running kernel version and arch to output logs to help with debugging in future bug report submissions

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    • @Abysmal: I’d put it in /usr/sbin personally, either way…