myHack 2.0 RC1

This version is now deprecated, consult the downloads page for a link to the latest version.

This version was downloaded 4653 times.

Here it is, much anticipated, extensively tested and debugged, the new and improved myHack!

Gone are the awkward and inflexible mpkg’s of the past! The new myHack core was written from scratch in c, it took hundreds of hours to write, days more to beta test and debug. It is not yet flawless but it does work beautifully. I have already updated the myHack guide with the instructions and some additional details for version 2.0, make sure you read it before you run the app.

Additional details of the myHack app’s contents will be maintained on the downloads page. Credits and further instructions will be maintained on the guide page.

110 thoughts on “myHack 2.0 RC1

  1. I got this error when I’m trying to instal any app from the mac app store:

    Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance

    My apple ID works perfect with iTunes an with App Store on Snow Leopard. I know that it is probably unrelated with myHack but i’m no able to find a solution.

    Anyone knows something about this?

    • You need to ensure your ethernet device is seen by the OS as “built-in” try “EthernetBuiltIn=Yes” at the chameleon boot prompt or in the boot.plist. Please direct all future support questions to the forum.

      For example you will find the flag I just mentioned, and others, in this thread

  2. Hi !!!
    My apologies for posting at the wrong place as i hadnt read further down and thank You for Your replay in despite of it!.
    I found RC1 and the Guide later on and I downloaded MyFix too just in case I need it.
    Busy on the system download now.
    Thanks A Million Conti ! ! !

  3. HI ! ! ! !
    I hope this is not a dumb question:
    should I use exactly the same procedure that I used with MyHack 1.xx and Snow Leopard to install Lion with MyHack 2.0?
    Any answers will be much appreciated.
    My congratulations and appreciations to our super programer! ! !
    Thank You All ! ! !

    • Fernie: Read the guide, the app is nothing like myHack 1.x – it is actually a lot easier to use though ;)

      Also I suggest you download RC2 if you have not already, before you begin – I just released it.

  4. Hi Conti,

    I’d love to test-drive your myHack 2.0 but the download link appears broken.

    One more question: I’m currently running 10.6.8 with myHack 1.0. Can I just update to Lion from the AppStore and then run myHack 2.0 after the update to make the system bootable? Or is the update procedure more complicated than that?


  5. I am no longer managing support requests in these comments, it is too much work and too difficult for users to navigate to see issues which have already been addressed.

    Please use the forums from this point forward.

  6. Thanks, Conti. I have an NVIDIA card. To know the exact model number I need to open up the PC.
    Below is the information from system information. Does that help?


    Type: GPU
    Bus: PCIe
    PCIe Lane Width: x16
    VRAM (Total): 3 MB
    Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de)
    Device ID: 0x06e4
    Revision ID: 0x00a1
    Resolution: 1024 x 768
    Pixel Depth: 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888)
    Main Display: Yes
    Mirror: Off
    Online: Yes


    • Jalal: Device ID: 0x06e4 = NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS

      Please post further inquiries to the forum.

    • Conti,
      8000GS Asus PCI Express, 500MB is my graphics card.


  7. Hi Conti,
    Finally, I did install Lion from scratch, on a brand new HD (no update over SL!), but I had to return my “new” WD HD that I bought a couple of days ago and exchanged it for another one, same brand (green SATA). Obviously there was a physical problem the boot sector, no other explanation. Now, hard work for video, sound and net, but it works… Thank you for your support, for sure I’ll have some questions during installation.

  8. Could install OS X Lion with myHack 2.0 RC1 on GA31m-e2sl mother board and get Ethernet and audio work with old kexts I had on Snow Leopard.
    One issue, I face is I have only 1024×768 option for display resolution, while I had better resolutions earlier (with Snow Leopard). Any thoughts on how to get better resolution with OS X Lion.

    Thanks a lot for your help/support.


  9. Conti, I don’t know where and what did you post, you could at least tell me where ti check for it, I’ve been trying for three days to find bur not result. Googeling on the internet, ewverybody says that the way to “wope” the disk is to write zeros .. nothing more. Could you give me more info, please ? BTW,, on my last 7-th “wiping” and installation on scrach (not an upgrade on existing SL), I had the same problem – your Chameleon starts from disk0 and erreon, and the disk is NOT 0 bur s1 – disk ONE !

    • Popeto: This is a simple matter, I have discussed the use of dd numerous times in the comments of this post. A boot0 error has to do with the boot loader not being able to find the rest of the boot information, it happens when boot0 is installed to the boot sector but can not find the rest of the bootloader – like when the active partition is mislabeled for example. It may also happen when you have a corrupt boot sector or a corrupt hdd in general or have your bios boot priority set wrong and are attempting to boot to a disk that had chameleon on it in the past but is missing parts of it. the “0” in boot0 error has nothing to do with what the devid of the disk you are trying to boot – it could be on disk15 and still produce a boot 0 error.

  10. Cheers mate,

    I found an old version of youHack 1.1.3 somewhere on the web, and what do you know – it worked like an absolute charm, seriously, it did the trick!!! I am now running a brand new, shiny 10.6.3 that moves flawlessly.
    You weren’t kidding – tonymac and his coding can suck it, my systems moves like it’s on fire with yourHack…

    All that remains now is to upgrade it to Lion… Any thoughts? Do I have to upgrade to 10.6.8 or would it work on what I have?

    Sincerely thanks a million!

  11. Congratulations..
    I have used myhack since 10.6.2 with no problems until 10.6.8.
    Then to use appstore I had to tinker.
    From I used a gigabyte g41 es2l specific with dsdt.aml using myhack derived package with later chameleon.

    Ethernet fix to plist fixed one disk and the other required driver changes
    and other things even though identical installs from carbon copy clone.

    to get download I used Tonymac on the 10.6.8 to get serial num. Only used easybeast.

    Of course I had to twink with video later.

    waiting for myhack would have been better.

    I tried to create a myhack stick.
    I was using a sandisk cruzer.
    From progress remarks it was having troubles mounting at that point
    myhack grabbed the lion installation on my hd and installed it there.
    This only got me as far as your new grey screen upon reboot.
    I had to use CCC to recover install.

    Safer route for me is to use an external hard drive.
    I will return to using myhack as it has always worked and its contents are known.

    To Popeto you said partition erase still left boot track is this mbr or hfs.
    I use hfs

  12. EthernetBuiltIn=Yes worked! Your the best. I can now log into the App store.

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  14. Hi Conti,
    I don’t know what’s up, I cannot find my yesterday’s night postings with some questions.
    As I said in them, I keep my Lion install over previous SL on a separate HD, I got a new one and installed from scratch Lion on a brand new HD. Did it THREE times, even reinstalling the USB a second time, to be sure I did transfer there all /E. Result : after installation and Step#5-PostInstall, I run myHack to “Install Chameleon + Extras”. After repooting from the new HD – error (Igave more info yesterday) trying to boot – obviously Chameleon is NOT there. I can boot from my old installation HD the Chameleon and after that the new Lion, so the installation is OK, but the Chameleon is not transferred.

    I’ve been trying to reach on iRC – you ask for permission on #lion and #snowleopard ??

    • Popeto: I don’t control the IRC network in question, you must register your nickname with nickserv before you can join the channels that is all.

      Have you attempted to run the Chameleon Only installation? Could you try this again and post the output from your system console to pastebin and link me here? So I can see if something went wrong during the chameleon installation.

    • Yest, I did try to install Chameleon ONLY (the fourth option) two or three times – same result. Could you tell me more precisely where to go and copy the info required, please. Thanks !

    • Popeto: I reviewed the logs you sent me, it appears as though everything installed properly, are you sure that your bios is booting the correct disk? If so have you attempted to wipe clean the boot sector and start with a fresh partition table? (I’m not sure if I have suggested this to you before or not, but it has helped others experiencing similar problems in the past)

    • I didn’t “wipe”, but erased existing partition with the disk utility and formatted a brand new partition before each installation, setting to one partition only. Is this right ?

      what is the server I have to use for mIRC ?

    • The IRC server details are posted on the home page. And no just erasing partition and creating a new one is not enough, that does not wipe out the boot sector.

    • wipe out the boot sector.- do you mean to change security options – write zeros ?? please telll me what option to get, thanks !

    • I’ve posted the information on how to do this many times in the comments on this blog post.

    • Hi Conti,
      from the Home page I have for the channel,, but the irc program asks for network :
      “Available networks are [dalnet, efnet, freenode, hispano, ircnet, moznet, quakenet, serenia, slashnet, solidirc, undernet, webbnet].”
      So what network should I get ???

    • is the SERVER the channel you are looking for is #lion – search google for a guide on how to use IRC.