Work In Progress

As I’m sure you have all noticed I have been doing some redecorating around here…

I’ll be continuing to revise it bit by bit in my spare time but I’m rather pleased with the results so far aside from a few small adjustments I still want to make, particularly the header and menu – I am just testing different formats for now. I’m open to any comments, opinions or suggestions anyone has for things that could be improved.

The new myHack logo was generously crafted and given to me by blackosx it will become the new myHack app icon as well. PolishOX came up with the idea of an axe going through a Mac Pro for the myHack logo and blackosx pulled it off better than I imagined it, even included a revision with “apple juice” blood!

Happy hackintoshing!

5 thoughts on “Work In Progress

  1. Yes Conti looks fine only i cant see this white page inside please darken it to get eye-locking site :)

  2. I do like many of the changes you’ve done Conti, but allow some nitpicks. I’ve seen the faux-OS X Dock menu implemented on other sites before in the past and none have stayed very long. It’s always buggy and looks poor. Worse still, it’s unintuitive for a website and makes it difficult to navigate. Simple buttons at the top were more than sufficient. They were simple, straightforward and fit the rest of the site.

    The logo looks does look good, but I think it would look much better if the typeface for “myHack” and the slogan were different. Any simple font will make it look much more professional.

    Other than that, I like most everything else. I like the implementation of linen to the background and the window shadow. The new comment system is much easier to follow as well.

    I love the work you’ve done with myHack Conti. I know you work on this in your spare time, and we appreciate tremendously how you even take the time to update the look of your site. But allow an armchair web designer to nitpick. It’s what we do :D

    • Thanks for the feedback, I was thinking almost exactly the same things – I thought there might be a way to get the dock to work but ultimately it is just needlessly adding complexity and is awkward for users.

      I still need to work on the header fonts/layout but I’ve replaced the dock with a simpler css3 menu that took me only a couple of minutes to write.

      I am actually a professional web-programmer but I just don’t have the time to invest in this site to make it perfect, I would rather use what spare time I have to work on the information and applications – this is really just a quick/simple way to get the information out there.

  3. Nice work Conti! Dutch users will love your new myHack and myFix :).
    Beautiful site and logo design, Mac / Hackintosh style :).

    • Hey iMick long time no see :)

      Glad you like it, it’s still not where I would like it to be but getting there one step at a time.