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So I’ve seen a lot of speculation and buzz around the web about this, being someone who is “in the loop” I wanted to inform the public as to what exactly is going on.

As many know our good friend Nawcom has taken a much needed break from the scene, he may or may not return, either way I wish him the best, I have always valued his contributions and witticisms over the years – he was even kind enough to update myHack 1.x for me while I was taking my own break from the scene. He is and will be missed.

Meklort has shifted his focus toward the development of XNU/Xen – a truly inspired idea which I can’t wait to see come to life. He has been gracious enough to pass what work was done on v0ltr0n into my tender loving care, this includes the much anticipated and sought after kernel patcher and kext patcher modules for Chameleon.

Now as many (if not all of you) know, my focus has always been on Vanilla installations, mostly because I find that they are the most worth the effort, but also because I like sharing knowledge and understanding of how and why things work. I do, however, see the value in a more flexible simplified installation that handles patching in a *CLEAN* way.

Unlike automated or shared dsdt patches and using all sorts of poorly pieced together kext’s and kernels these modules can do a lot of patching but they do so without altering the system files. The boot loader does the patching dynamically, in memory, rather than writing changes to the disk. So it’s basically the best of both worlds, it extends support to a wider array of hardware without leaving a mess of your system. I’m quite fond of this idea for non-vanilla installations or for new user’s to get their feet wet.

So, I will work in what little spare time I have to try and bring what is there to you. It won’t be the full scope of what v0ltr0n set out to be, at least not until I have a LOT more time to work on trying to extend the code further. It will however, among other things, bring the ability to boot lion with an unmodified kernel on many 64bit legacy intel and intel atom systems. There is no AMD support, yet, there is no magical hardware detection that will find everything for your system and make as much of it work as possible, yet, but in time we will see how it goes.

It may be a little while before I release this code. Adequate measures need to be put in place to ensure it is not stolen by *some* people who have been stealing credit and code from the rest of us and putting their own name on it for some sort of personal gain, be it a hero complex, some sort of financial gain, or just trying to make up for a lack of manhood. Meklort was quite clear (and I could not possibly agree more) that he does not want this code used without authorization and I am going to do whatever I can to ensure his wishes are carried out.

So there it is, what the future holds, but please be patient, it may be a while before I’m ready to release this. I wanted to at least clear things up so that the speculators had some real information to work with rather than wild guesses.

7 thoughts on “About v0ltr0n

  1. Hi,

    Good to see that somebody is picking up this project.

    We are working on a couple of sub projects that could relate to this, such as a dsdtrepo.

    If there is anything me or my Team can help with, then dont hesitate to contact us at core [at] osxlatitude.com

    Leon Bollerup

  2. Hi OSX Gods,
    I am a simple developer in Objective C. I know C++ also
    but what I do not know is how to start writing for core MAC karnels, kexts.
    If you need my help do tell me.

    I am with you, just for coding pleasure NOT FOR MONEY…hehe

  3. Hm. On this last round of attempting an OSX86 machine, I started with that other booter a couple of days ago. Really liked the approach, then after having issues on reboot found nawcom’s stuff, along with the news that that other group’s booter in chock full of uncredited code. Too bad he didn’t have a chance to make his Mod disc polished. I immediately liked it better than that other group’s stuff. v0ltr0n is an idea that is inevitable. As it is, Legacy Empire 10.6.3 (not even the most recent image I believe) was used to solve my problem – the “Chocolate Kernel” in myHack – on a GX620.

    The guardedness of that other group was just plain suspicious from the start. I didn’t want to register all sorts of ways just to download those images, so my friend Google helped me out there. But hey, and this is probably a very unoriginal idea, maybe the OS X folks are responsible for that other group; to put a monkey-in-the-wrench so to speak. And just to wrap a conspiracy within a conspiracy: the purpose of that [email protected]$k is to make you folks work harder — or perhaps more guardedly… Hm. Oh, yah – Phil K. D. was once one of my favourite authors.

    Lastly – thank you, and everyone else whom you rub elbows with, for fulfilling your geeky potential.

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  5. I’ve been experimenting the Hackintosh since i bought my first real Mac.
    Hope you get this done. It’s a pity I don’t code or I’ll would be glad to help.

  6. This is great news, indeed!
    I wish you good luck, and look forward to future updates!