myHack 2.0 RC4.1

This version is now deprecated, consult the downloads page for a link to the latest version.

This version was downloaded 42431 times.

This is just a minor edit of RC4’s resources. arch=i386 in boot plist caused more trouble than it was worth, i thought it might make things easier on people who relied on older kexts that are 32bit only, since 64bit apps can still run in userspace as long as there are x86_64bit instructions available in the CPU regardless of if the kernel itself is running i386 or x86_64 I didn’t think it would cause any trouble.

But it does cause some trouble, because some 32bit only kexts loaded for people who weren’t expecting them to load – this is what resulted in some blank screen issues for a few people with some graphics cards (x3100 was referenced in particular for one users report).

So anyway no reason to really download all over again, but just remove arch=i386 line from org.chameleon.Boot.plist or type arch=x86_64 at the boot prompt if you are having any issues with the latest version of myHack.

Download was updated and is still available on the myHack 2.0 RC4 release page, if you have RC4 already though please don’t waste the bandwidth – you can just edit the plist in Resources.

7 thoughts on “myHack 2.0 RC4.1

  1. after installing myhack to harddrive as instructed by the guide and i try to start it upp and get the choice of 10.6 or 10.7 all i get after it loads for a short while is an error stating something is wrong on line 66 and a path to ./tmp/myhack: Bad CPU type in executable.

    i own a power pc G4 that i’ve used to convert these dmgs of genuine MacOS X CDs i bought. one i use the most is the 10.6 on the Mac i have installed 10.5 it’s updated to 10.5.8

    what am i doing wrong?

    • The myhack binary is compiled only for i386 processing – it will not run on a PPC processor.

  2. bonjour conti je t explique brievement j ai utiliser ta methode avec le MyHack RC1 et en faisant une modification j ai reussi a faire fonctionné en full un gpu nvidia GT 540M le cinebench me donne une note de 20 je tenais a te remercier bcp depuis le temps que je cherche la je me retrouve avec plus de 6 resolutions d ecran tu peux me laisser un message sur ma boite ciao gracié mille

  3. this does the same thing as before with the white bar and auto reboot during fresh install (haven’t tried non-fresh install). nvidia gtx460. previous myhack 2.0 rcX worked. tried all parms and mixtures of parms that i know of. :(

    • I think the issues are deeper, macman, fabio and some others who were (for whatever reasons) given access to chameleon sources committed a bunch of changes to the chameleon trunk that broke a lot of ATI stuff, and some other graphics stuff too… A bit of a damage control operation is in progress now and hopefully it will be fixed soon – this may be the source of your problem.