myHack 2.1

This version is now deprecated, consult the downloads page for a link to the latest version.

This version was downloaded 1298 times.

You may notice I have skipped past the 2.0 Final release, I have been very busy in the last months and while I had been working on one I have already deprecated it by adding one new feature in particular – support for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

I have decided to remove the myHack Chameleon boot theme and stick with text only instead. The GUI is more trouble than it is worth at times and the Chameleon GUI code could really use a rewrite, should you choose to use a graphical menu you may install and configure one during post installation. I may provide one or more boot themes in the future as a separate download but what I have always aimed for with myHack is to keep things simple and to (hopefully) get as many systems booting as possible with minimal effort so I see no need for them to be installed by default.

You will also notice I am removing the EvOreboot.kext – it is no longer needed since newer builds of chameleon include a restart fix.

I have added experimental support for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. It has been tested and is working with Developer Preview 1 – The “Generic Extra” failed to boot my system personally (kernel panic on ApplePolicyControl, I will find a way to correct this using a “Generic Extra” in a future release of myHack, this is also a problem many people have with 10.7.3) – there is a simple solution to the ApplePolicyControl panic however, and that is using appropriate smbios information for your system in /Extra/smbios.plist. As I already have one I have used on both Snow Leopard and Lion I proceeded to move beyond testing and simply copied my Lion Extra’s onto the USB stick – after that the ML installer booted and OS X 10.8 installed without problem.

I call this experimental support because I can not and will not provide/disclose any information regarding OS X 10.8 that would violate my ADC NDA via this blog or the forum until the official public release is made. Additionally I do not know what changes are in store for 10.8, so while I can confirm myHack 2.1 will work for Developer Preview 1 with an Extra that works for you in Lion, I have no way to know how it will work with future releases.

I have not included an OSInstall Mod for 10.8 DP1 in this release. If you are one of the few ADC subscribers out there who still use MBR partitions on your hackintosh but would like to give ML a test run – Nawcom has posted an OSInstall bundle on his blog here. Installation is self explanatory, simply overwrite the files in the appropriate locations with the files included in the archive.


Changes from 2.0 RC4(.1):

  • Updated Chameleon to 2.1svn r1822*[1]
  • Added experimental support for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion*[2]
  • Added MBR OSInstall Mod for OS X 10.7.3 Installers*[3]
  • Bugfix: Passwords containing a $ symbol will now be accepted.
  • Removed EvOreboot.kext.
  • Disabled graphical boot menu.
  • Removed myHack boot theme.
  • Polished off Chameleon modules installation method.

*[1] I have edited Chameleon 2.1svn r1822 to include support for OS X 10.8 – these modifications have not yet been added to the official Chameleon trunk. This new build of Chameleon does resolve the bug that many experienced on RC4(.1) – bug info and resolution was posted here and here.

*[2] Tested with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Developer Preview 1 – May not work in future versions. You will have to point to the InstallESD.dmg manually by use of the “Browse Manually” option for now. The Install Mac OS X Mountain itself will only be supported after the official public release.

*[3] Credit goes to Nawcom for taking the time to cook this up for us the other day.


  • Update myFix
  • Find more time to improve myHack & myFix further

Make sure to read the release pages for myHack 2.0 RC1, RC2, RC3 and RC4 if you have not done so already, for a complete list of changes, contents and features.

Additional details of the myHack app’s contents will be maintained on the downloads page. Credits and further instructions will be maintained on the guide page.

Please post thank you comments and successful Mountain Lion installs on this post but for support or to report a problem you encounter – please use the myHack forum instead.

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