myFix 2.0

Rather than bore you with several paragraphs describing everything in great detail I’m just going let the bullet points in the changelog do the talking for me. While myFix has been greatly improved and altered on a fundamental level, it is now much more integrated with myHack itself so I will be explaining the new features in more detail on the release notes for myHack 3.0 and in the myHack guide.


  • Over 600 revisions since myFix 1.3
  • Compiled as universal i386 & x86_64 binary (previously only i386)
  • myHack app now serves as a graphical front end
  • Revised terminal app functionality
  • myFix is now distributed exclusively with myHack app
  • Utilizes new myHack.kext for kernelcache support
  • Cleanly merges Extra Extensions with System Extensions
  • Added new chameleon (re)installation feature
  • Added single user and safe boot support
  • Added new sudo access method
  • If run under single user mode, root is fsck’ed and mounted automatically.
  • Vastly improved error handling and detection
  • /Extra/Extensions.mkext no longer built
  • Removed routines to fix sleep enabler pmversion
  • Dropped all support for OS X 10.5

Feel free to post thank you comments and whatnot on this post but for support or to report a problem you encounter – please use the Forum or the #hackintosh channel on SojuGarden IRC.

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