Move completed…

If you noticed I brought the server back online yesterday when I got the internet installed at the new place.

  • The good: The new place is ultra modern, albiet small, but to me small = efficiency and ease of maintenance.
  • The bad: The movers dropped my most valuable possession more than two meters, my GA-X58A-UD3R based hackintosh workstation, at current prices and exchange rates it would cost approximately $1,700 USD to replace – it is completely destroyed.
  • The ugly: Still waiting to find out if their insurance will replace it, and if not, if they will pay for the replacement themselves…

The stress is palpable.

Moving – Downtime

Approximately 24 hours from now the myhack website will be taken offline for approximately 24-48 hours, perhaps more depending on when I am able to connect the internet up in the new server location. I would have mirrored the site and irc services to another location but I simply do not have the time to do so. Sorry for the inconvenance, but hopefully it will be a smooth relocation and all will go well. *Crosses fingers*

myHack 3.1.2

This version is now deprecated, consult the myHack guide for a link to the latest version.

This version was downloaded 491849 times.

This was actually done a couple of weeks ago but I held it back from release because there are more changes planned for my 3.2 milestone and I don’t typically release minor revisions if I have anything planned. I have been so busy with other things that I’ve not been able to get everything I wanted to do with myHack done yet so I’m releasing what I have done so far. I decided to release this minor version now rather than waiting any longer because it fixes 1 bug that is fairly critical now that ML has gone to GM. The problem was caused by apple deciding to change some of their drive utilities conventions in DP4 so it was parsing the inode data instead of the path to the mount point.

The download is available on the guide page.


  • Bugfix: Corrected Extra/10.(6/7/8)/ merge function so that it works correctly during OS X post installation
  • Bugfix: Fixed drive selection menu under ML DP4+

Make sure to read the release page for myHack 3.0 & myHack 3.1 if you have not done so already, for a complete list of changes, contents and features.

Additional details of the myHack app’s contents, credits, and instructions are maintained on the guide page.

Feel free to post thank you comments and whatnot on this post but for support or to report a problem you encounter – please use the Forum or the #hackintosh channel on SojuGarden IRC.