Move completed…

If you noticed I brought the server back online yesterday when I got the internet installed at the new place.

  • The good: The new place is ultra modern, albiet small, but to me small = efficiency and ease of maintenance.
  • The bad: The movers dropped my most valuable possession more than two meters, my GA-X58A-UD3R based hackintosh workstation, at current prices and exchange rates it would cost approximately $1,700 USD to replace – it is completely destroyed.
  • The ugly: Still waiting to find out if their insurance will replace it, and if not, if they will pay for the replacement themselves…

The stress is palpable.

15 thoughts on “Move completed…

  1. I have a computer using a gigabyte ga-x58-ud3 motherboard that I’m going to sell if I don’t get my hac up and running, the way it’s supposed to, pretty soon. It’s getting more difficult to find a hackers website with any new input or signs of recent activity.

    I have Snow Leopard, Lion and Mtn. Lion installed on it but I would like to get Tiger on it too. I can’t find much on that and I haven’t had much luck on my own.

    • George, the problem with tiger is it does not support any of the hardware in your system, you may be able to run tiger with a modified kernel but I’m not sure why you would want to?

  2. Installed Mountain Lion flawlessly on these specs:

    Cpu: i7 950
    mobo: ga x58-ud3
    ram: corsair
    hdd: western digital

    Installer Myhack

    Thank you so much I tried kakewalk, tonymac unibeast and iatkos none worked apart from Myhack

  3. I have a Asus P8H67 i have to use ahci can i do something not use it. becouse i can’t start my win7 with ahci do i have to instal somethink? new bootloder? driver or enithing please help.

    off topic

    If i update mi lion 10.7.2 with myhack 3.1.2 will work with no ahci?

    Thank you for you’re suport.

    • If you take a look at my post ‘dual booting demystified’ (it’s an old one but that is the title of it), toward the bottom of the post I included a .reg file I made along with instructions on how to get win7 to work with AHCI, and why you are having the problem to begin with. That will solve your problem in about 3 minutes :)

      There is absolutely no reason to not use AHCI.

  4. Just to confirm that ML does indeed work without AHCI. I copied the Lion version of IOATAFamily.kext to the /E/E of the install media; without it the installer couldn’t find my hard drive. I used my old Extra directory for the new install; the only hitch was that the ML install didn’t finish properly so I had to reset the root password and create the default user manually.

  5. Hi, I just started a website on that topic and I was wondering if I may make your installation / creator tool in the download section – of course with credits and reference to your website – let me know. Thanks, Pete

    • Please link to the guide/download page rather than providing the file directly or using a direct download link, this is what my license states and it is important to me to both track downloads and to ensure people receive the latest releases, documentation and support. Take a look at for an example of others who are linking to myHack in this way.

      Thank you for your interest in myHack and helping others to achieve their hackintosh goals.

  6. Hi, thanks, but there appears to be a problem with the drive selection menu where you can select the drive wherein OS X should install in. I used the latest version (Mountain Lion App Store release, so not a DP).

    Can you please fix that? Thanks.

    • I would need more information to know exactly what problem you are having – is it displaying a string of numbers? That was a problem with ML and myHack 3.1 – but 3.1.2 resolves it. Please verify that you are using the latest myHack version and take some screenshots of the issue (if it persists) so that I can see what you are describing.

    • Thanks for responding!

      Here’s a screenshot of my problem, I’m pretty sure it’s something very easy:

      It’s just not detecting internal SATA drives. However, I am able to install Mac OS X Mountain Lion on an external USB drive.

      My disk are also not visible in Disk Utility. I’ve red somewhere, that it’s all about “AHCI”, but the problem is, I can’t disable it as my BIOS doesn’t support it. I’ve also found that it’s fixable with “.kext” or something. Can you give me any advise to fix this? Thanks.

    • You guessed it, you need to enable AHCI mode in your bios. Alternatively you could perhaps try to use IOATAFamily.kext – but I have not tested that since SL, it may not even work on ML. What mainboard do you have?

      PS: I would prefer to handle support requests such as this on the forum rather than in the comments on the blog, it gets messy.

  7. Oh man, I actually cringed when I read news…. $1700 it’s a lot of money, and if the box was properly marked (i.e. Fragile, This side up, handle with extreme care, things like that) the movers are liable for the entire sum (unless otherwise specified in the contract – you did receive a copy of the contract, or document stipulating the terms of the move, right?)

    • They are definitely liable, but it’s a large sum of money so they are trying to see if their insurance will cover it in full or at least in part. They have stated that they will cover it if insurance does not – but I just hate waiting, not only because I would like to have closure/certainty that I will be compensated, but also because I depend on that machine to do my work, I have a notebook setup right now as a sort of docked workstation but it’s really not an adequate substitute.

      The box was clearly marked, well packaged, and I stated ‘be very careful with that it is a very expensive computer’.