Spammer woes and email failures.

I’ve had a long term problem with spammers on this site, it’s been kept in check to a large degree by the use of captcha and user introduction threads on the forum. These measures keep spammers from being able to actively post on the website with great success, the problem lies in the constant bombardment of spammers attempting to sign up for the forums. Though they do not make it past the account activation step and thus the forum is kept free of spam, their constant signups caused a massive load of activation emails to be sent out from the system to known spam accounts and dead email accounts.

This prompted google to deactivate several of my gmail accounts, and I have been unable to get them to reactivate them.

So since about 2 weeks ago no activation emails, or any other email for that matter, has been able to be sent out of my system. I have spent the last few days resolving the issue by establishing my own mail server.

I have resent activation emails to anyone who signed up for the forums in the last 2 weeks, my apologies to anyone who was unable to get into the forums during that time, I wanted to resolve this problem sooner but I simply did not have the time to do so until now.

Unfortunately the situation with people signing up at these rates may lead to my own mail server being blacklisted and marked as a possible source of spam by several mail hosts, as I have already seen aol’s mail servers do. Sadly this is the situation we are all faced with due to these shady practices that spammers utilize in their vain attempt to get people to buy products despite the practically criminal methods they employ in their ‘marketing’.