OS X 10.9 (AKA Mavericks)

I am quite busy these days so I will keep this brief and let the following picture do most of the talking for me.

That is right, 10.9 DP1 installed with myHack 3.2 Beta

There are still some bugs, as all DP1’s always have. But I will be making a beta release of 3.2 soon so that the rest of you apple developers can begin playing for yourselves without the hassle of a completely manual installation.

The only thing not working OOB on my hackintosh using my¬†existing¬†Extra is audio. Skype constantly crashes (which is a 10.9/skype bug that happens on real Mac’s). Other than that the only issue I ran into was the installation could not reboot the system and I was forced to perform a hard shutdown via the power switch. I am writing this post from 10.9 right now.

16 thoughts on “OS X 10.9 (AKA Mavericks)

    • That error you posted is actually a segmentation fault. Are you running myHack on a 64bit system with OSX 10.6.x or later version of OSX?

  1. Hi Conti,

    Many thanks for your help with you myhack app!
    I have donated using the above link – grab a beer for yourself mate!


  2. My machine gets stuck at 2 minutes remaining (using Myhack with 10.9 DP1) Can you help?

  3. Hi, with this myhack beta 8 can i install osx 10.9 DP on MBR?? Thanks

    • Being a DP1 release, I didn’t feel it was necessary to start digging into MBR patching. The 10.8 patch may work for now, but I did not test it yet and it may not work after DP2. Really at this point, you should make every effort to use GPT partition types for your OS X volumes… There is little reason not to, though I do know there are a few.

    • I understand, but my hd has windows 8 installed and would not want to format my hd, perhaps testing a partition with the 10.8.4 patch, it might work or not. Thanks anyway

    • 10.9 needs a new OSInstall. You can’t pick one from 10.8.x, tried it myself yesterday. Since I’ve installed Windows on the same drive and I don’t have UEFI, I also enqueue patiently for a MBR capable version of myHack. :)

    • To be clear, I was not suggesting plucking OSInstall from 10.8. I was suggesting that the binary patch for the 10.9 OSInstall may be compatible with the patch used for 10.8 in myHack. I simply have yet to test it. If anyone has the time to dig through the 10.9 OSInstall with gdb and otx, by all means please let me know what you find out.