About the myHack forum.

It is no secret that the myHack forum has been ruined by spammers over the past few months. I had taken steps to resolve the problem but it was inadequate. The larger issue is that I do not have the time required to single handedly manage the forum properly but it is of importance to me to provide adequate support to myHack users. To that end I have decided to merge the myHack forum with my good friends at OSXLatitude. We have been working closely together for the last year to deliver solutions which benefit both myHack users and their own users and it is a logical progression of our cooperative efforts to bring simplified hackintosh methods to the masses.

The merge will happen over the next 24 hours, during which period both the myHack forums and the OSXLatitude forums will be offline temporarily. Stay tuned.


Merge complete! I’d like to thank the rest of the OSXLatitude crew for the work they did during the merge, that was a lot of spam to handle… Sheesh.

All of you with an account should have gotten an email from them, your existing accounts should still work, if not, create a new one. We look forward to seeing you there! :)

5 thoughts on “About the myHack forum.

  1. hi, can’t wait to try your product, I wonder whether this version support MDR ?
    thanks very much for your great work

  2. Hey Conti,
    It says that myHack 3.3 has been posted but its still showing 3.2 beta 8?

    • I was preparing for the release but I held it in testing to make sure it was working well before I released it. There have been many changes. It will be released today.

  3. Good to see you back my friend :)
    Waiting for forum & next version of myHack, Cheers!

  4. It’s good to see you are active and that you care. Waiting patiently for the next version of myHack – the best Hackintosh tool out there!!!!! :)