myHack 3.3.1

Here it is, thanks to schnitzel slaving away over a decompiler and myself rebooting and testing numerous times we have finally found a very clean method of patching the 10.9.0 OSInstall.framework to allow for MBR installation. I am aware there is another patch which has been circulating, I even took a look at a decompiled diff of it – which is why I chose to develop our own patch rather than using it, folks, it was ugly, I was concerned that with as hacked up as it was it may result in unforeseen problems to end users. Our patch replaces only 3 8-byte chunks (similar to the ML and L patches contained in myHack). Clean and effective.

The following notes carry over from the myHack 3.3 release, I wanted to get the MBR patch out before putting more time into the rest of the planned updates.

Note: Several users have reported a “Selection does not appear to be a valid OS X installation source error”. Ensure you are pointing to the Install OS X or InstallESD.dmg if you are pointing myHack to a .dmg which *contains* the Install OS X that will cause the error.

Also please note that you should not run from the .dmg it is distributed on. You should copy it to your local disk first.

I will add checks to warn users who accidentally make these mistakes to myHack in the next release to provide additional error prevention to users, but I did not want to wait to release this version any longer so for now these warnings should be enough.

The download is available on the guide page.


  • Added MBR patch for OS X 10.9.0


Make sure to read the release page for myHack 3.3myHack 3.2myHack 3.1.2myHack3.1 & myHack 3.0  if you have not done so already, for a complete list of changes, contents and features.


Additional details of the myHack app’s contents, credits, and instructions are maintained on the guide page.

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