10.10 Proof of concept…

10.10 DP1 Running on my hackintosh.

This is a work in progress, but demonstrates this can be done. This was done with myHack v4 and some manual tinkering. We have been working on patching chameleon for this, but currently chameleon is still not capable of booting 10.10 (we have gotten it as far as loading kernel and extensions, but there is an instant reboot on framebuffer init on every system we have tested so far). I resorted to using clover for now, just to see if the other modifications were functioning correctly.

Please be patient. My suggestion for now is if you want to explore some of the new features to simply install 10.10 in VMWare fusion (You will need version 6+ of fusion), it’s a trivial process requiring only 1-2 minutes of user interaction. 10.10 DP1 is NOT ready for any production use. As soon as we have worked with it more and I have updated myHack with our new methodologies there will be an announcement and alpha release of myHack v4 for you to experiment with.