10.10 Proof of concept…

10.10 DP1 Running on my hackintosh.

This is a work in progress, but demonstrates this can be done. This was done with myHack v4 and some manual tinkering. We have been working on patching chameleon for this, but currently chameleon is still not capable of booting 10.10 (we have gotten it as far as loading kernel and extensions, but there is an instant reboot on framebuffer init on every system we have tested so far). I resorted to using clover for now, just to see if the other modifications were functioning correctly.

Please be patient. My suggestion for now is if you want to explore some of the new features to simply install 10.10 in VMWare fusion (You will need version 6+ of fusion), it’s a trivial process requiring only 1-2 minutes of user interaction. 10.10 DP1 is NOT ready for any production use. As soon as we have worked with it more and I have updated myHack with our new methodologies there will be an announcement and alpha release of myHack v4 for you to experiment with.

15 thoughts on “10.10 Proof of concept…

  1. bjr désolé je ne parle pas anglais
    voila au sujet de chameleon il travaille bien avec Yos10.10
    je viens de l utilisé
    il est sur Isanelymac avec un utilitaire de post installation il fonctionne tres bien et bcp plus rapide que clover avec moins d erreur sinon il ne me plait pas du tout trop plat /manque de graphisme et le dock est vraiment nul

    • I had the myhack version of chameleon working with 10.10 shortly after I made this blog post ;) I just didn’t post an update to include it.

      But until we can extract the kernel dynamically it would require adding the kernel manually, which also means distributing the kernel, which I am not pleased with – and I am also concerned that apple may decide to remove the capability to convert kernelcache to the supported compression format for chameleon in the future, which is the key to having kernelcache working with chameleon on 10.10. If someone gets the lzvn decode function of boot.efi ported to C, then we can offer a truly seamless experience.

      TL;DR: myHack 4 will support both chameleon and clover installation, and both work fully with 10.10.

  2. Excelente su trabajo, e insuperable herramienta ojalá sea pronto esta nueva versión sin ustedes será imposible. Gracias

  3. Waiting for MyHack 4 :)
    Thanks so much for your GREAT work!
    Absolutely the best tool.

  4. Awesome Bro… really Appreciate your Work. Waiting for 4 release

  5. Got my image ready to go just need a way to boot it can’t wait for the new myhack. Keep up the good work :)

  6. Awesome. I have a DMG ready for when a new MyHack release comes out. Keep it up, guys! :)

  7. Nice!. Thanks for keeping us posted on your progress of myhack Conti.