Explanation of downtime…

As many of you had noticed and wondered, the site was down for a while now… I had a series of unfortunate events that started with the corruption of a single disk in my server’s zpool a month ago. I didn’t have the time or feel any sense of urgency to replace it then so I just made sure everything was backed up and kept going with a degraded pool for a couple of weeks, planning to fix it later.

Then a second disk went… All was lost. The real panic set in when I couldn’t get my workstation to load my other zpool either (kernel panic on zfs kext), and I had used my external backup drive in a futile attempt to recover the server’s pool a day earlier… I thought it was all over! Much to my relief that problem turned out to be OS corruption rather than any problems with that pool… All of this stems from the high heat and humidity we’ve been having here, I’ll have to be a little less stingy with the A/C. On the bright side it gave me an excuse to clean up, organize, and take care of alot of other systems administrative tasks which I had been putting off.

So the server is in working order again now, and what spare time I’ve had from work that was not absorbed by this mess has gone into myhack 4, which I hope to release around the time that 10.10 GM is available. Truly sorry for the panic this may have caused and for not explaining it on the forums/facebook/twitter/etc, but I was more focused on getting it fixed with what time I had to do it rather than checking social media.

Donations toward the drive replacement fund would be greatly appreciated and well utilized! If I have enough redundant spares on hand I can ensure this does not happen again in the future.