Where is Conti? Where is myHack v4?

I’ve seen a lot of speculation out there asking the above questions. I can now finally answer.

myHack v4 was nearly ready a few months ago but I have been so preoccupied there was simply no time to complete it and prepare it for release. Why? Because approximately 4 months ago my family and I decided to move back to the United States after 7 years in South Korea. This was a difficult decision to make, and was incredibly complex and time consuming to accomplish. I did however take the time to migrate this website to a new host to ensure there would be minimal disruption or downtime while myself and my hardware traveled across the globe.

I wanted to explain this months ago, or at least before I left but there were personal and professional reasons for not doing so. Not everyone was aware that I was intending to move and I wanted to keep it that way until I was gone. We arrived here about two weeks ago and are adjusting to our new timezone and environment. With the holidays we are also distracted by reuniting with family whom we have not seen in many many years, some whom have never even met our children. So it may still be a little while before I can get everything done on here that I have planned but it is most certainly going to be done. I have not abandoned the project but it does require a rather large investment of time to keep it going. Despite what some people have speculated I make no profit from this so it is low on my priority level, perhaps in the future that may change.

myHack 4 actually supports Yosemite fine, I had it working within 12 hours of DP1 being seeded by apple, there are other portions of myHack v4 that must be completed prior to me being able to release it to the rest of you however.

12 thoughts on “Where is Conti? Where is myHack v4?

  1. Hi Conti!
    Wish you a very Happy New Year!

    Thanks for the wonderful utility(MyHack), it have made our lifes much easier :-)

    with warm regards,
    A myhack user

  2. Yo man! Congratulation and WishYou All The Best in everything!
    How happy I am to read again from You..

    Keep The Faith!

  3. Can’t wait! Thank you and good luck with myHack and life in the US!

  4. 한국사람인지 몰랐어요. 수고했어요. My Korean sucks anyway I thanks for your hard work over the years, I still use my hack for the older OS X releases, and donated $10 once. Anyways good luck!

  5. Which bootloader are you going to use ? I hope it is fully UEFI compatible and Clover…

  6. Thanks for the info. Can’t wait! Are your planning on using Chameleon bootloader or switching to clover?

  7. Thanks for explaining Conti.
    Take your time, we are looking forwards to the new myHack V4.

  8. keep up the good work conti. still waiting for myhack-v4 to be released….

  9. hi i appreciate the thank you i hope Vergennes program next quicker be prepared with Thanks Majid

  10. Thanks for the update! We’re having a whole bunch of family members all moving back here all at once ourselves so I can definitely empathize. :)

    Out of curiosity, how much work is remaining, and is there any way us users can help? Like, are there any testing needs or similar? (I suspect not, beyond the obvious “donations would be even more appreciated” ;) but figured I’d ask just in case.)

  11. Hey Conti I can’t wait myhack is a great usb maker and I thought that it was unfortanaelly done but seeing this is so exciting i reside on insanelymac and this is off topic but why don’t you support non intel cpus i have used your tool+ coping an amd kernel to the usb drive and it works fine so why no amd support?

  12. Thanks ever so for all that you have achieved in the past and for the future. You have helped so much in the hackintosh movement. Good luck to the future.