Where is Conti? Where is myHack v4?

I’ve seen a lot of speculation out there asking the above questions. I can now finally answer.

myHack v4 was nearly ready a few months ago but I have been so preoccupied there was simply no time to complete it and prepare it for release. Why? Because approximately 4 months ago my family and I decided to move back to the United States after 7 years in South Korea. This was a difficult decision to make, and was incredibly complex and time consuming to accomplish. I did however take the time to migrate this website to a new host to ensure there would be minimal disruption or downtime while myself and my hardware traveled across the globe.

I wanted to explain this months ago, or at least before I left but there were personal and professional reasons for not doing so. Not everyone was aware that I was intending to move and I wanted to keep it that way until I was gone. We arrived here about two weeks ago and are adjusting to our new timezone and environment. With the holidays we are also distracted by reuniting with family whom we have not seen in many many years, some whom have never even met our children. So it may still be a little while before I can get everything done on here that I have planned but it is most certainly going to be done. I have not abandoned the project but it does require a rather large investment of time to keep it going. Despite what some people have speculated I make no profit from this so it is low on my priority level, perhaps in the future that may change.

myHack 4 actually supports Yosemite fine, I had it working within 12 hours of DP1 being seeded by apple, there are other portions of myHack v4 that must be completed prior to me being able to release it to the rest of you however.

Explanation of downtime…

As many of you had noticed and wondered, the site was down for a while now… I had a series of unfortunate events that started with the corruption of a single disk in my server’s zpool a month ago. I didn’t have the time or feel any sense of urgency to replace it then so I just made sure everything was backed up and kept going with a degraded pool for a couple of weeks, planning to fix it later.

Then a second disk went… All was lost. The real panic set in when I couldn’t get my workstation to load my other zpool either (kernel panic on zfs kext), and I had used my external backup drive in a futile attempt to recover the server’s pool a day earlier… I thought it was all over! Much to my relief that problem turned out to be OS corruption rather than any problems with that pool… All of this stems from the high heat and humidity we’ve been having here, I’ll have to be a little less stingy with the A/C. On the bright side it gave me an excuse to clean up, organize, and take care of alot of other systems administrative tasks which I had been putting off.

So the server is in working order again now, and what spare time I’ve had from work that was not absorbed by this mess has gone into myhack 4, which I hope to release around the time that 10.10 GM is available. Truly sorry for the panic this may have caused and for not explaining it on the forums/facebook/twitter/etc, but I was more focused on getting it fixed with what time I had to do it rather than checking social media.

Donations toward the drive replacement fund would be greatly appreciated and well utilized! If I have enough redundant spares on hand I can ensure this does not happen again in the future.

10.10 Proof of concept…

10.10 DP1 Running on my hackintosh.

This is a work in progress, but demonstrates this can be done. This was done with myHack v4 and some manual tinkering. We have been working on patching chameleon for this, but currently chameleon is still not capable of booting 10.10 (we have gotten it as far as loading kernel and extensions, but there is an instant reboot on framebuffer init on every system we have tested so far). I resorted to using clover for now, just to see if the other modifications were functioning correctly.

Please be patient. My suggestion for now is if you want to explore some of the new features to simply install 10.10 in VMWare fusion (You will need version 6+ of fusion), it’s a trivial process requiring only 1-2 minutes of user interaction. 10.10 DP1 is NOT ready for any production use. As soon as we have worked with it more and I have updated myHack with our new methodologies there will be an announcement and alpha release of myHack v4 for you to experiment with.

Status Report on myHack v4

As you may or may not have heard, I have been working on myHack version 4 since november. I wanted to get this out sooner as it resolves all known bugs that exist in the current release version of myHack, but it has been a great deal of work… I have been quite ambitious with this release. In an attempt to speed development I have dropped everything and worked on this full time for over a month now, but it is still not quite ready yet.

Once I complete the core features (everything myHack version 3 can do and more) I will be releasing it while it is still in alpha. The pace of development at that point will depend on how much time I can allocate to it, which will depend, at least in part, on how much support I receive from you, the end users.

A brief summary of what has been done so far:

  • Bugfix: Fix newline characters in other places where they should not be.
  • Bugfix: Fix permissions on plists inside of myHack.kext plugins after version bump. Fixes system profiler kext display and most of the issues x79 users were having with myFix.
  • Bugfix: Fixed error in timestamp function which resulted in newlines being appended to /ExtraBackups/ subdirectories.
  • Bugfix: Fix potential errors in old file copy progress function ( over/under 100%, progress stopping due to unreported failure of the file transfer, etc).
  • Bugfix: Snow Leopard installer creation works correctly now.
  • Bugfix: Mavericks MBR patch works on systems which do not have xcode developer tools installed.
  • New osx installer source detection unifies and improves the previously os specific code, merges previously os specific code. Some other code improvements.
  • Restructure resources, remove cocoaDialog, update pci.ids database, correct some errors in chameleon installer and correct paths.
  • Refactored and rewrote OS X Post Installer code in preparation for new post installation functions.
  • Refactored all C sources and wrote over 6000 new lines of Objective-C & C
  • Native Cocoa interface has replaced the old Platypus + CocoaDialog front end.
  • New website has been designed and new/revised content added to it. We are also planning to launch some new related websites soon – but more on that another time.

No more popup dialogs (all dialogs are modal now, all configuration is done prior to runtime initialization and persisted to a stored settings plist). No more having to quit the program before each function is run, sudo password is stored between functions – but not between application launches (it is only kept in secure memory), interface is completely native Cocoa + Objective-C with function processing and progress reporting still being done in a webview, handlers are linked between Objective-C, C, and Cocoa.

There are many more changes planned that I am working on for the initial release, many more which have been made that I am not mentioning here, and many more that are planned for after the initial alpha release is made and new website is launched. This is by no means a comprehensive list, I just wanted to let everyone know that while I feel I should apologize for the delay since the last release was made, that myHack is under very active development and the next release will be well worth the wait.

Server Replacement

I am sure that many of you have noticed that the myhack server had been a bit unreliable lately, online, offline, online, offline, etc… The server which had so faithfully powered the site for the last few years was on it’s last legs and the stability toward the end there left much to be desired.

So early in the week I ordered some replacement hardware, all enterprise grade – Intel Xeon, ECC ram, etc. I also decided to abandon my own linux based OS, which evolved from a stateless lfs (linux from scratch) concept I’ve been dabbling in here and there since about 2001… Though I may still use it for other things I have decided to migrate my server to the emerging gold standard for web hosting – illumos (the kernel forked from what was previously open solaris). So now I have my own little DIY elastic cloud sitting here on a zfs array.

The server may be offline here and there over the coming days as I am still working on provisioning all the services the way I would like them to be, but the best news which I am going to announce now:

A new domain and website has been in development for the last few weeks and will be launched, along with myHack v4 alpha release (which has been in development since last november), hopefully before the end of this month!

Stay tuned.