Hello all.

I have been away from this project for the last 3 months. I apologize for this, however sometimes life gets complicated and investing my time on free projects such as this one must be put aside for a while.

I will be working on a new update to the myHack installer, including the bugfixes for the MBR mod compatibility with 10.6.0 & 10.6.3 DVD’s which I should have released months ago, over the coming weeks.

I will also do my best to get through these 500+ comments that have been waiting for my approval since the last time I logged in to manage this website.

Again, I apologize for this, but I am happy to see that myHack is still helping thousands of users despite these delays in my work on the project.

Sorry for the delay…

I have had a series of very aggravating events take place in my personal life which has unfortunately consumed all of my time in the last two weeks. I feel that these issues are nearly resolved and I have attempted to get the project back on track and respond to the comments and questions you have all left over the last 10+ days. I am truly sorry that I have been unable to get to these sooner.

There are a number of updates I need to make to the software and website and I will make a sincere effort to push forward to achieve these goals ASAP.

I haven’t abandoned this effort! I was merely caught up in things I would much rather not have to deal with at all… To try and satisfy your curiosity I will simply sum it up as follows: several individuals are attempting to manipulate money out of myself and my family due to their own incompetency, to satisfy their own selfish and unjustified greed. What they were claiming is completely invalid and what they were trying to do was completely illegal. I am attempting to settle the matters without going to court and I seem to have made at least some progress in the last few days. After exercising considerable patience and restraint I believe I have been able to make them understand that I simply will not allow them to take advantage of my family in this way without making it very difficult, and ultimately costly for them. They seem willing to bargain now, though I doubt I will get them to back down completely, a small cost to settle things out of court would be much better than the time and stress of having to take things to the next level. So wish me luck!

Thank you for your support and understanding, I will get things back on track shortly.



I have returned

I got home a couple days ago, still haven’t completely unpacked or recovered from the trip/jet lag/etc but I am glad to be home.  I’ll be resuming work on the project as soon as I get adjusted.



I am traveling internationally to see family back home. I will try to check the site and respond if I have the ability to but if I do not respond please understand I have not seen my family in 2 years and there has been two deaths in the family recently so I have an obligation to them first.

I will return in approximately 3 weeks at which time I will resume work on the project.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

NOTE: Due to problems with spamming all comments are held in moderation. As I will not be available to approve or reply to these comments as quickly as I normally do you may think your comment has not been posted but it most likely means I just have not seen it yet. I suggest you go to the IRC channel listed on the home page for help until further notice, my friends there will help you. :)