Move completed…

If you noticed I brought the server back online yesterday when I got the internet installed at the new place.

  • The good: The new place is ultra modern, albiet small, but to me small = efficiency and ease of maintenance.
  • The bad: The movers dropped my most valuable possession more than two meters, my GA-X58A-UD3R based hackintosh workstation, at current prices and exchange rates it would cost approximately $1,700 USD to replace – it is completely destroyed.
  • The ugly: Still waiting to find out if their insurance will replace it, and if not, if they will pay for the replacement themselves…

The stress is palpable.

Moving – Downtime

Approximately 24 hours from now the myhack website will be taken offline for approximately 24-48 hours, perhaps more depending on when I am able to connect the internet up in the new server location. I would have mirrored the site and irc services to another location but I simply do not have the time to do so. Sorry for the inconvenance, but hopefully it will be a smooth relocation and all will go well. *Crosses fingers*

SojuGarden IRC

So a few of us got together and opened a new IRC network, we had been hopping in and out of a few other networks over the years and we finally got tired of some of the administrative details of those networks… mergers with other networks bringing new opers in that interfere with our channels, outdated services, etc.

I had actually ran a rather large network for many years but I shut it down about 5 years ago when I moved abroad and I have contributed to the development of several IRC services including anope, denora, and magirc (which is still in alpha development). So it was a no-brainer to get up and running with a little help from my friends in the community who have generously offered the use of their own dedicated servers and their vast knowledge and experience to help others in the community.

You will notice the link to our network’s portal and statistics in the main site menu, please connect to the network round-robin and join us in #hackintosh – it’s just getting started but the more users join us the more useful it will become. You will notice there is a link/ssl link on all channel lists on the website but I will also provide a direct link here for your convenience:

SojuGarden IRC #hackintosh – Standard Connection | Secure Connection

We only have one small request to make for the use of our #hackintosh support channel. If you come in seeking help, and receive it, please stick around and help others whenever you can with whatever you can. Give a little something back =)

We look forward to seeing you there!



Facebook “like” linking fixed.

I noticed that the ‘like’ button was picking up the wrong logo and description – instead of listing the description of the post or even the main site description – it was picking up my little blurb for people using adblockers. It took 3 hours and the creation of a customized wordpress plugin to get the ‘opengraph’ meta tags to pick things up correctly and it appears to be working properly now.

Social Media Integration

I’ve added some social media sharing links as well as some twitter and facebook integration + a fan page on facebook. It is my hope that since so many use these services now that this will make it more convenant for people to stay up to date with the latest releases, news and updates. I have never used any form of social media in the past personally so I’m just going to see how this works out, hopefully everything will run smoothly and prove to be useful.